Campus Involvement Fair (9/31/2017)

Smiles from a huge portion of the student body here at Oxford College marked one of the most important parts of the beginning of the school year this past Thursday afternoon at the Oxford College Involvement Fair. Navigating through the sea of people at the event may have been quite the task to undertake, but it will have been worth it for those who took the time to find their way. Not only is the Involvement Fair a great way to find a club you are interested in for relieving stress or boosting your resume, but it is also a great way to find people that have the same interests as you, which makes it easier to make new friends!

Jack Stewart snapping a shot of the buzzing crowd!

The Involvement Fair is especially important for freshmen. If you are a freshman, make sure to take a moment and think about the clubs and activities you were interested in and signed up for. These opportunities to get involved on campus will set the foundation for the rest of your time at Oxford College. Choose a few clubs or activities that you are really passionate for and try not to get involved in too many activities. Too many activities may end up taking too much of your study and rest time. You want to have an amazing GPA after all!

Want to do art workshops and bring color to the lives of others? Get in touch with heARTfelt Art Club!

There are so many opportunities available. Make sure to do your research on what you would like to be involved in and do not hesitate to get in contact with those opportunities! Many clubs still have room on their executive boards for a few more people. Executive board positions offer great leadership positions and will not only be fun but also look awesome on your resume!

Ox College Cycling Club makes its debut on the Oxford Campus!

Missed the Involvement Fair or were overwhelmed by masses while you were there? Have no fear. Check out the Oxford College of Emory University (Class of 2020 & 2021) Facebook page. Many clubs posted flyers as advertisements in the days leading up to and on the day of the Involvement Fair. Simply find something you like and contact the person that posted the flyer.

Looking for a great way to relieve stress? Join Nerf Club!

Thanks to everyone who set up tables to make the fair the best it could be! And thanks to everyone who showed up for taking the time to get involved around campus! The clubs and other organizations at the club cannot wait to see you get involved! Find something you like, sign up for it, and stick with it. You will be set for success! As for all the sophomores that are already taking charge of clubs, stick with it! It is truly amazing to see the Oxford College community working together and having fun.

Tiara DeLapp and Krystal Gathright are pumped up for the pool!

All smiles for Badminton Club with John Chung!


Photos by Darya Farrokhi