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Bathroom and Shower Etiquette 101

When you live in a residential dorm, keep in mind that your showers and bathrooms may be communal. You may be sharing two or three individual shower stalls with eight other girls in your hall. If no one cleans up after themselves, the stalls can get N A S T Y. Here are four things you should do to help keep your showers and bathrooms pristine:

1. Remember to Flush

On my second week of college, I had the misfortune of walking into a stall with a special surprise inside. It wasn’t a pleasant experience for me or the other girls who walked into the same stall. Remember to flush the toilet you’re using; it won’t be fun for the next person who discovers your mystery present.

2. Throw Your Trash Away Properly

Throwing trash away properly is nothing new. In every bathroom, there are two main bins for your trash: one for your used ~lady products~ (This can be found in every bathroom stall) and the other for everything else.

3. Don’t Forget Anything in the Stalls

The shower stalls are like mini Bermuda Triangles. You leave something there one day, it’s gone forever the next. Never leave anything behind. Take all your shampoo bottles, conditioners, facial masks, body wash, clothes, and brushes.

4. Pick Up Your Hair

Girls shed a lot. It doesn’t matter whether you have a short, straight bob or long, curly hair. Hair can get everywhere. It could be on the drain, the wall, or even the shower handles. No matter where it is, pick it up. Just grab some tissue, and pick up your hair. We don’t want clogged drains or wall art in our shower stalls.

Jackie Doctor

Oxford Emory

My name is Jackie Doctor, and I'm a sophomore at the Oxford College of Emory University. I'm an Anthropology and Biology major on a pre-med track. I'm interested in pursuing a profession in Allied Health. I'm a huge fan of Game of Thrones, Parks and Rec, and Bob's Burgers, and I read, write, and play the ukelele in my spare time. 
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