6 Signs That You're a Homebody

1. You Order in Way Too Often

Instead of leaving your sanctuary to go to the grocery store or walk five minutes to the dining hall, you just order from one of the three places that actually deliver to our otherwise endearingly isolated campus.


The struggle is real when your bed is also your office, your dining room, and your living room.

3. You’re a Pro Netflix Binge Watcher

You proudly boast that you’ve finished a popular series. Three times. This month.

4. Clubbing Isn’t Your Cup of Tea

Your feet hurt, the music is loud, it’s hot, and you’re sweaty. If it was up to you, you’d much rather be in bed with fuzzy pink spa socks and finding the dankest of memes while Meredith Grey almost dies (again).

5. Every Night is Movie Night

Much like your impressive breadth of knowledge in Television shows, you’ve probably seen even the most obscure of Indie movies, even in foreign languages you don’t know. All hail the power of subtitles!

6. Canceled Plans Are the Best Plans

It doesn’t matter how much you love spending time with your friends, you always get excited when you don’t have to leave your homey abode. Long live popcorn, face masks, and online streaming!