10 Acts of Kindness to Brighten Peoples’ Days

One simple, little act of kindness can go a long way to brighten someone’s day. Giving and receiving small doses of kindness is especially important in college. Here are 10 acts of kindness you can try with people you run into on a daily basis:

  1. Say good morning to the dining hall workers that you meet while you are eating breakfast. -- You never know what kind of day the Lil's workers are having, so why not make their day a little brighter and get a nice smile while you're at it? 
  2. Fold someone from your floor’s laundry if it is already dry. (Just make sure not to dry it for them. They may have clothing that shrinks in the wash!) - I don't know about you, but I hate finding my clothes tossed on the tables outside of the washers and dryers. By folding someone else's laundry, it makes their day a little brighter and one less thing for them to do this week! 
  3. Compliment a person in one of your classes who you’ve never really talked to and start a conversation. - It's always the people who no one talks to who need a hello every so often. Show people at Oxford that they're not alone, because you never know what that hello may mean to someone. 
  4. Honestly say “please” and “thank you.” - Everyone appreciates it, especially  when they've had a rough day and it's honestly common courtesy. 
  5. Smile! It’s easy and contagious.  
  6. Say hello to the person you ride in the elevator with. Goodbye awkward silence! - Raise your hand if you hate the awkward elevator silence?! Well saying hello is a great way to break the ice and meet some new people!
  7. Call up or email a teacher or professor that changed your life in a positive way. Thank them. - The professors here work hard whether we students like to acknowledge it or not! Saying thank you and letting them know that they're doing a good job can mean a lot to them, plus it may give you brownie points later on in your courses. 
  8. Write a sticky note with a compliment and paste it on someone’s dorm room door. - Cutest idea ever!
  9. Bring food to share with a class just because you feel like it. - I'm horrible about eating between classes or on the daily, so if you bring food, you'll be everyone's favourite person for the year (or at least the day). 
  10. Ask someone how they are “really” doing and actually take the time to listen to what they have to say. - Listening is the best form of kindness. Everyone needs to vent and it can truly alleviate the weight off peoples' shoulders by doing so.


Try making a checklist and doing at least one act of kindness a day for a week. You will be sure to see the change in other peoples’ spirits, and hopefully, this will make you feel good too.