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Your Zodiac Sign as a Character from “The Office”

“The Office” is on everyone’s list of favorite TV shows – and deservedly so. Spanning two decades of viewership, this program has kept audiences laughing in timeless fashion. Now, it’s time to look to the stars and find out which character you vibe with the most!

Andy Bernard from the Office
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Aries: Andy Bernard

Getting ahead in the business world? You know all about it through your three biggies: name repetition, personality mirroring, and never breaking off a handshake. You are so passionate about ~life~ and your career that you are willing to punch a hole in the wall. Dedication, baby.

Kevin Malone dropping chilli
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Taurus: Kevin Malone

Let’s get real: you just want to sit on the beach and eat hot dogs – that’s all you’ve ever wanted. Comfort and the ~good life~ is what really matters to you, so don’t mind what others (ahem, Michael) think of you. A jack of all trades, you are also the master of secret talents. Making the world’s best chili? Easy. Spilling it all over the carpet? Even better.

Kelly Kapoor from the Office
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Gemini: Kelly Kapoor

“I talk a lot, so I just learned to tune myself out.” These words ring oh-so-true for you, Gemini. Communication is key in your book, and with you any conversation will never go dry. Some may find you a little too chatty, but hey, you are just keeping things interesting for the rest of us. So keep on being your own office’s gossip girl and speak your truth.

Phyllis Vance from the Office
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Cancer: Phyllis Vance (of Vance Refrigeration)

Quiet, loyal, and always true – you are the epitome of Phyllis! Accepting of all people no matter their background, you are definitely attracted to opposite personalities to ~keep things spicy~. You are proud of who you are and love your family fiercely (especially Bob Vance, of Vance Refrigeration).

Meredith Palmer from the office
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Leo: Meredith Palmer

Bringing the party, even into the workplace, is your forte. Your confidence and pride is extremely infectious to everyone around you. Who cares if you might flash some of your coworkers once in a while? Or have a few too many drinks and light your hair on fire? You are just marching to the beat of your own drum and making life fun, period. 

Angela Martin from the Office
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Virgo: Angela Martin

The workplace is no place for nonsense in your book, prudent Virgo. Keeping things traditional and organized is the perfect aesthetic for you. Planning orderly meetings and parties? A walk in the park! Sure, some may find you a stick in the mud, but what they don’t realize is that you actually have a little bit of a naughty side as well! They just aren’t good enough to see it, honey. 

Jim Halpert from the Office
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Libra: Jim Halpert

Big Tuna! No matter how apathetic you can get at your job, you’ll always manage to perk up a crowd with your hilarious pranks. You are one of those blessed people in the world who just gets the whole love thing. Being open and expressing your true feelings is so natural for someone like you, so even proposing at a gas station can become swoon-worthy. Keep love alive for the rest of us!

Dwight Schrute from the Office
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Scorpio: Dwight Schrute

Dark, mysterious, all-powerful: you are the pure essence of Dwight. Intensity is your middle name and no matter what life throws at you, you will never back down from a good fight. Some may find you a little too ~scary~, but let’s be real— they are just jealous they don’t have the ability to raise and lower their cholesterol at will.  

Michael Scott from the Office
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Sagittarius: Michael Scott

You like to be liked, you enjoy being liked, you have to be liked; people are just drawn to your humor and upbeat attitude! Jumping around from idea to idea is second nature and you just can’t help it that you have the biggest imagination around. Sure, you might say something a little inappropriate from time to time (really all the time), but people can always count on you to keep it real and funny. You are Beyonce´´, always

Stanley Hudson from the Office
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Capricorn: Stanley Hudson

You are the hustler of your own office and don’t take any nonsense from anybody. Serving straight up sass comes naturally to you, and your friends know that you are the best at roasting others. Seriously though, supporting the people you love will always come first before your own needs. But you’re not all business — you’ll always have a soft spot for pretzel day.

Ryan Howard from the Office
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Aquarius: Ryan Howard

Unique personality? Check. Go-getter? Check. Inability to keep steady at one thing? Check. All jokes aside, dear Aquarius, you are the black sheep in the family and you LOVE it. Being another boring office drone does not vibe with you, and you’ll do whatever it takes to stand out in the crowd (especially with your cool bowling alley stories). No matter where you go in life, always keep starting the fire!

Pam Beesly from the Office
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Pisces: Pam Beesly

Sensitive and shy, you’ve probably always felt a special connection with our favorite receptionist. Being artsy fartsy has always been natural for you with your deep sense of ~emotion~. But let’s be real, when you realize what you want and want it now, you aren’t afraid to step up and push the Karens of your life out of the way. 

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