Your "Situationship" and How to Deal

Urban Dictionary defines a "situationship" as any problematic relationship characterized by one or more unresolved, interpersonal conflicts. That translates to, “let’s hang out," “let’s fool around," and “we’re completely confused on the fact that we have extreme feelings for each other but we can’t ever, I mean EVER make this into something official." Situationships come in all different forms and they are no fun. Someone is always bound to get hurt.

The “It’s Only You … Kind Of” Situationship:

Stay far, FAR away from this situation.  This is the one where your significant other tells you all the things you want to hear. “You’re the only one who has my heart,” “you’re number one in my life” ... Little do you know that your significant other is actually telling this to someone else. You should never be the “main” girl. You should be the ONLY girl. Don’t let them fool you. Trust your guts, friends!

The “What a Good Friend” Situationship: 

This is the situationship where the significant other makes you the “plus one” for events and texts you every day, all day with special phone calls in between. But when you are out, you are known as a “good friend” or "just a friend."  Now understand, people get comfortable VERY easily and VERY fast. And though this may seem fine in the beginning, it is not OK to play the role of a girlfriend or boyfriend only when it’s most convenient for them.

The “On Again, Off Again” Situationship:

These are the on-and-off relationships; you don’t want to make it work with anyone else; you just want your significant other to get it right. So you break up with your partner but give in later on; maybe because you love your partner too much or seeing your partner move on with somebody else is too hard. Doing this only makes it easier for them to come back into your life when they want; they know you will be back and they know you’ll always be there, even if it’s hurting you. Don’t do it! Stand your ground! If you want something out of the relationship you are in, DEMAND it.  

The “Let’s Keep Us A Secret” Situationship:

It starts off great because you finally got the person you always wanted. It’s exciting, but then what happens? It continues to go the same way; the special person gets comfortable with how it is, but you’re still uncertain whether you want to continue this or actually make something official. However, when you ask for more out of it, they put in no effort because in all reality you’re just the friend ... and maybe with benefits. If you want something more substantial, move on. No one should want to keep you a secret!

Here is my advice … keep an eye out for these types of situational relationships. All situationships cause is embarrassment, unnecessary drama, and are a waste of your precious time. Why waste time on someone who doesn't value you and give you the respect you deserve? Find someone who is proud to be with you and makes your life BETTER; not filled with drama! You need a relationship, not something filled with complicated situations stopping it!