Women in Business

If you have not already heard, Women in Business is an up-and-coming club at SUNY Oswego. Don’t let the name fool you. It is not strictly for women, or even business majors. Anyone is welcome to join, and we highly encourage diversity.

The club is truly wonderful, offers numerous opportunities and I think more people should learn about it.

I recently sat down with Micaela Dobereiner, the club’s president and co-Founder to not only find out more, but to also dig a little deeper into the club’s origins.


When was Women in Business founded, here at SUNY Oswego?

During the spring semester of 2016.

What inspired you to start this club?

It was actually a tip from a male student Sloand (co-founder) and I met at an etiquette dinner. He asked us if we had ever thought of starting a women’s business club. After that, we thought more about it and realized it was a great idea.

We also really started to take notice of how rough it can be for women in the business field. I also noticed how there were only a few women in the room at other business club meetings. The spaces were mostly filled with men.

What is the mission, or goal, of Women in Business?

The goal is to encourage other women and teach them that they can accomplish anything they want in the business world. We want to inspire women to take on leadership roles and to make them feel like they can be as, or even more successful than men.

What does Women in Business have to offer students?

Any student is invited to come join us. We have a lot of great guest speakers with valuable information to share. We also offer student networking opportunities and professional activities that help to develop skills. There is a lot of useful real-world knowledge to be gained.

How has Women in Business helped you personally?

It has honestly helped me a lot. Especially with being the president, it has provided me with many opportunities to meet and connect with new people. It’s opened up a lot of opportunities. I’ve done things I wouldn’t have done, or been able to do, without the club.

What is your favorite thing about the club?

I think my favorite part is getting to connect with other people, whether it’s with the members, guest speakers, or women who are in business settings that I can network with. Listening to other women’s stories and being able to relate is a great feeling.

Why would you encourage more students to join?

More people in the club means more people to help encourage and support one another. It’s right in our mission statement; “By participating in this club’s activities, both men and women will realize their full potential in any situation regardless of gender.”


So please, join the Women in Business club, and bring your friends along too! The club keeps getting bigger each semester, and we’d love to keep that trend growing.