Why We Should Stop Having Celebrity "Relationship Goals"

With the news of celebrity couples like Anna Faris and Chris Pratt getting a divorce, this is becoming more of a burden for people that look up to these couples as “relationship goals.” Most of us do it; Looking at seemingly perfect celebrities that just so happen to share a life together, creating even more perfectness, if you will.

“There’s no hope for me,” is the response when these “perfect” celebrities decide to end their romance. This isn’t the best way to respond to the situation, especially since it’s a situation no one knows about except the couple at hand. Celebrities sometimes have to create a facade in the public eye because not everyone needs to know every aspect of the relationship. So, who knows what couples like Anna Faris and Chris Pratt hid from the public. Maybe their 8-year-long marriage took its toll, or maybe the rising success of Chris Pratt had something to do with it.Seeing that even celebrities can struggle with their relationships should make the public feel closer to them, or relate to them more. We are all trying to figure our own lives out, let alone a life with someone else. Divorces and separations aren’t new news. It shows us that all relationships take a crazy amount of hard work, no matter your social class or wealth.

Just because one relationship ends, doesn’t mean true love doesn’t exist. Love is amazing even if it’s short lived.