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Why “Still Over It” Is A Self Care Essential Album

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There are so many ways to indulge in self care. One of mine is by listening to music. One album that has been added to my self care playlist is Still Over it, by Summer Walker. Summer Walker is an RnB artist who has risen to fame with her hit single “Girls Need Love”. Her work has caught the attention of iconic rapper, Drake, who hopped on the remix. But her progress didn’t stop there — Summer debuted Over It, her first studio album, and proved that she is one of the RnB girlies who is dominating this genre. 

With this sophomore album, I want to emphasize why I am so hooked. This woman expressed her pain in this album. She was vulnerable. From her beginning track “Bitter” to her outro “Ciara’s Prayer”, (I cried listening to this one! Whew!) It portrays the trials and tribulations that women endure in toxic relationships. Following her drama on social media, Summer was in for a rude awakening when defending her partner at the time, producer, London on da Track. In her music, she talks about how she believed how things would be “different” despite all of the red flags and cautionary tales she has received from London’s past partners. Summer Walker literally said to stop glorifying toxic relationships in this album. And I am glad she was able to express this in a beautiful way. Some of my favorite songs on the album are “No Love” ft. SZA, “Throw It Away”, and “Constant Bullshit.”

“No Love” ft Sza is one track that I DID NOT realize I needed! This feature was so long overdue! Sza, who is another RnB artist that I love, was just the absolute perfect feature. Both of their voices blended beautifully, bringing us this harmonious bop. As track number three, it was a calm upbeat tempo that you can rock your head to, sing along to the lyrics out loud, and vibe with the guitar playing in the background. (That second verse!? Sza understood the assignment! She flowed so perfectly with the sound of the guitar). 

“Throw it Away” is just soulful. Summer asks the question, repeatedly, “How you gonna throw it away?” throughout the track and I think it portrays her disbelief. Like you seriously are going to act like I am disposable? Like my love wasn’t enough? Literal tug at the heartstrings. 

Lastly, “Constant Bullshit”? A literal gem. I say this because I resonated with some of what she says. From her opening line “Those things you did, I didn’t recognize how much they hurt me”. Gosh. Why are you so loud, Summer!? Overall, this track reminded me of a 90s RnB sound. Summer’s soft voice captivates the true essence of that nostalgic 90s RnB feel. With some parallels in the voice to singer Brandy (which I personally heard), this was one song that has me playing it non-stop. I refuse to be over it. 

Lyrically, this album has provided me with so much comfort at this time. Because you don’t know pain until a woman opens up. Although her reality hit her, Summer is still pushing through by embracing motherhood, and her new healthy relationship. In this album, she encouraged all of us women to learn from her mistakes, to know our worth, and realize how love is just simply not enough.

Briana K. Boateng is a section writer for Her Campus Magazine! She is senior with a major in Broadcasting and Mass Communications. She aspires to become an on-air talent, so anywhere that ranges from hosting, interviewing, anchoring, etc. Some of Briana's hobbies include eating out, watching interviews, as well as reading lifestyle articles. Being a part of Her Campus magazine enables her to enhance her experience as a broadcast journalist, expand her skills in writing, and as well as sharing, connecting, and inspiring her woman peers on the SUNY Oswego campus. Essentially, this is the purpose of this magazine: To empower other woman!
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