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RWBY is finally back! After a nearly ten-month hiatus, since volume five ended in late January 2018, Rooster Teeth recently dropped the trailer for volume six. It looks awesome, and I can’t wait for the volume premiere on Oct. 27. Bigger beasts, epic fights, new mysteries and more are in store for fans of the show. In honor of volume six starting next week, here are a few of the things I’m looking forward to in the new volume.


Yang and Blake conflict resolution



At the end of volume five, Yang and Blake didn’t really get a chance to resolve their issues. Yang was still upset that Blake left them after the fall of Beacon, and she was really struggling with some abandonment issues throughout volumes four and five. Now that team RWBY is back together, I’m hoping that they can work out their issues, not only for team RWBY, but for themselves.


Team JNR doing their own thing



Team JNR were basically background characters in volume five. They needed to have their own plot, but it never happened. Team JNR is my favorite, so I’m always going to hope for more of them. In the volume six trailer, we saw shots of RWBY without team JNR, so I’m hoping that means they get their own adventure to go on!


Seeing team RWBY back together again



I mean, that’s what the show’s all about right? Watching these four girls learning to become huntresses and kick some serious ass. I’m so happy volume five finally brought them back together after two volumes separated, and I can’t wait to see Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang back in action as team RWBY.


Mackenzie was the senior editor and Twitter manager for Her Campus Oswego. She was a double English and Journalism major at SUNY Oswego. She loves reading, video games, and a good cup of tea.
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