Why Being a Film Major Doesn't Suck

    If you didn’t know, I am a Cinema and Screen Studies major. My major allows me to critically analyze and learn about the history of films and make scenes or short films. Currently, as I am writing this, I am participating in a 48-hour film challenge. Now that may sound like a bitch, both critically analyzing films and the challenge and I’m not going to lie, sometimes it does suck, but for the majority of it, it is pretty awesome. 

    Whenever I tell people back home about my major, I always hear, “Oh that has to suck, you can’t watch movies the same ever again.” First of all, they are right. I will always look at movies differently than the average person. The only person it will suck for is whoever watches the movie with me. Now I do try to keep my film critiques to myself, however, I can’t help it if I state a mistake within a movie. Sometimes it is really easy to pick up a mistake, but sometimes it takes me a couple of watches to realize the mistake. Second of all, I feel like it enhances my reaction time. It’s kind of like hand-eye coordination, but eye-mind coordination. In some cases, I can quickly see something, and my mind immediately connects what I saw to another event in the movie. 

    The film challenges I have done in the past were all time-consuming. A ten-day film challenge, 36-hour film challenge, and now a 48-hour film challenge. All of them take a lot out of you and stress you out. However, you can get the experience of meeting new people and learning how to adapt quickly. Even now my group and I are sitting, trying to figure out what to do in order to make our video the best that we can produce. Throwback to the ten-day film challenge, my group and I made it to the finals for New York, and what an experience that was.  We got to see the best of the New York competition and see our own video up on the screen. To think that the amount of stress that went into that video paid off in the end, even though we did not win anything. 

    Now I’m not saying that being a film major is all rainbows and unicorns, but it’s not as horrible as people think. I mean I get to be creative and meet awesome people that love the same thing as I do. Plus, if I become successful, I can work with big companies, travel the world, and make awesome money. Lastly, if I dislike someone that I see a movie with, I can ruin the movie for them. #Sorrynotsorry