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What Stranger Things Character Are You Based on Your Zodiac?

Stranger Things has been an epic hit on Netflix since it first aired in 2016, and rightfully so! If you’re just as obsessed with this show as I am, then check out this “totally tubular” article where I tell you what character from the show you’re most compatible with completely based on your zodiac sign! Yeah, astrology is kind of cool ;) 


Aries: Lucas Sinclair 

Lucas Sinclair - Stranger Things
Netflix / Giphy

Passionate and confident, Aries are natural-born leaders who dive headfirst into any situation. You are dedicated to everything you do, and you also strive for greatness, just like Lucas! Some people might say you have an aggressive side, perhaps even getting a bit relentless when something isn’t going according to plan. But that’s okay, because as an Aries, that just shows how determined you are to succeed!  


Taurus: Steve Harrington  

Steve Harrington - Stranger Things
Netflix / Giphy

Loyal, reliable, practical, and devoted, Tauruses see things from a super realistic perspective while also enjoying the little things in life, like hanging out with friends or romantic partners. People depend on you whenever they need a helping hand or a shoulder to lean on, which definitely describes everyone’s favorite babysitter. Just like the steadfast Steve, you aren’t afraid to roll up your sleeves and work hard, whether it be to help others or for yourself.


Gemini: Nancy Wheeler 

Nancy Wheeler - Stranger Things
Netflix / Giphy

As a fellow Gemini, I am so happy about this one! Also known as the social butterfly of all the zodiacs, this sign is full of quick wit, intellectual curiosity, and hidden knowledge. You are always keeping people on their toes with your chatter and interesting facts. Like our queen Nancy, you are always daring to try new things, can adapt to any situation, and are really outgoing. Did I mention Geminis are also known to be super smart? Hence why Nancy is kind of a BADDIE and also always gets things done.  


Cancer: Eleven 

Eleven - Stranger Things
Netflix / Giphy

As a quiet, sensitive, compassionate, and highly intuitive Cancer, you have the awesome ability to pick up other people’s energies…kind of like our beloved El, except without the cool powers. If you’re a Cancer, you’re probably a natural-born caregiver, prioritizing other people’s comfort and safety over your own. People might say you’re a little moody or snappy at times, but that’s just what happens when you have this intense of a connection with your emotions…it all gets a little too much! Like Eleven, sometimes you just need to rest and recharge before you can get back out there and keep on taking care of everyone!  


Leo: Dustin Henderson

Dustin Henderson - Stranger Things
Netflix / Giphy

Oh, you sweet Leo! Your bright and sunny personality is always sure to cheer up anyone around you, and you also always seem to know how to have a good time! You share Dustin’s natural sense of humor, his inspiring optimism, his protective nature, and, most of all, his unwavering loyalty to the people he cares about most. Can you even be a better person than that? Anyway, I just want to give all the Leos a hug for being so great…seriously. Including Dustin. 


Virgo: Joyce Byers 

Joyce Byers - Stranger Things
Netflix / Giphy

Ever feel like sometimes you overwork yourself to the point of a burnout? As a Virgo, you tend to be extremely hardworking, tirelessly throwing yourself into everything you do in order to make sure that it turns out perfect. That being said, y’all are also known to be one of the most helpful signs, dropping everything if someone you know needs you and not sleeping until their world is righted again. Sounds a bit familiar, doesn’t it, Joyce? (By the way, your son is fine, now go put those magnets away and relax).  


Libra: Mike Wheeler 

Mike Wheeler - Stranger Things
Netflix / Giphy

Just like Geminis, Libras are also considered to be a social zodiac, so it’s no surprise that both of the iconic Wheeler siblings are compatible with these two signs. If you’re a Libra, you’re probably known as “the peacemaker,” never wanting to be a part of any type of conflict and constantly making sure everyone in your friend group is treated fairly and equally. Those qualities also make you super cooperative, which is why people might turn to you to make important decisions within a group. Also, when Libras fall in love, they fall HARD, which can sometimes be a problem…ahem, Mike and El… 


Scorpio: Jonathan Byers

Jonathan Byers - Stranger Things
Netflix / Giphy

Like Jonathan, you are fearless, clever, passionate, and focused, strategizing every little thing you do in order to successfully achieve your goals. You are also UNSTOPPABLE when you want something, doing everything in your power to obtain it, no matter the cost…so this is a quick PSA to all non-Scorpios to never get in a Scorpio’s way when they have their mind set on something. In conclusion, you and Jonathan would make the most badass team, period. 


Sagittarius: Max Mayfield 

Max Mayfield - Stranger Things
Netflix / Giphy

Sags, you guys do not GAF! I’d love to see anyone try and tell you what to do because you are addicted to freedom, and independence is your drug. Your friends can count on you if they’re looking for an adventure because you always know how to spice up a normal weekend and make it wild! Just like our rebellious and extroverted “Mad Max,” you are super honest (sometimes brutally), enthusiastic, and you love to express yourself. Keep on rockin’, baddies!  


Capricorn: Chief Jim Hopper 

Jim Hopper - Stranger Things
Netflix / Giphy

If you’re an ambitious Capricorn, you might have been called a “workaholic” like this well known Hawkins chief of police is so famous for being. You are determined to always try your best with whatever you do, and you NEVER give up. You’re also known for being really down-to-earth, always saying it like it is and never cutting corners — you just want to make things better in the real world! However, Capricorns do tend to show a stubborn side sometimes (exhibit A shown above), but that’s simply because you know what you want out of life and are dead set on obtaining those wants.


Aquarius: Robin Buckley   

Robin Buckley
Netflix / Giphy

Intelligent, independent, and quirky, people under this air sign love anything that has to do with mental stimulation and thinking outside of the box. That being said, you guys are awesome problem solvers and would definitely have had tons of fun translating that Russian radio transmission with our girl Robin (right?). Aquarius-borns are also known to be really original and unique, which is what draws people to them. However, you may be perceived as cold or guarded at first, but that’s only because you need some time to trust people and make sure they won’t screw you over. I mean, Robin hated Steve at first, but now they’re besties! All in the day’s life of an Aquarius.   


And last but not least….


Pisces: Will Byers

Will Byers - Stranger Things
Netflix / Giphy

If you’re a Pisces, you and Will the Wise would definitely be best friends. You both are the most gentle souls, and are also generous, faithful, and always forgiving. You’re also known to be empaths, which means you can feel other people’s emotions. Pisces’ just “get” you, and one of their best traits is how understanding they are.  So, thanks for being you, Pisces peeps. For real, you guys are awesome.  


Sara is a junior at SUNY Oswego, double majoring in English and Creative Writing, with a minor in Communications. She hopes to one day work for a publishing company, as well as live out her lifelong dream to write books. Her favorite things to do are read (psychological thrillers and fantasy novels are her favorites), write, travel, work out, watch Netflix, and cook!
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