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What It’s Like Dating with Commitment Issues

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oswego chapter.

We all know it goes. Every night you get home from long walks around campus with your crush, surrounded by the dim street lights, remembering their smile and how they hung on your every word. Then it hits you; the possibility that you might be developing feelings for them. Now what? Of course the only practical way to go about this awkward situation is to bury any trace of emotion into your playlist of indie music and shun every cheesy love song out of your life completely. Or maybe that’s just me.

I’m sorry, but I for one know I am the definition of a tease. Honestly, the lead up to a relationship sounds like complete bliss but the second that any real feelings arise, it instantly becomes a dangerous hit and run for my heart. And it’s called commitment issues.

I wouldn’t be caught dead anywhere near a relationship because I have serious commitment issues. Just imagine the thought of someone idolizing you as if you’re a perfect prize, yet the claustrophobic feeling of struggling to remain perfect lives in the back of your mind. While it doesn’t seem like it at times, almost every person on the face of the planet has over analyzed every word or choice that the person they’re dating did.

It’s scary getting into something new with someone, but especially scary when you have commitment issues and it’s completely fine to feel this way. Sometimes it’s okay to not know if you want a relationship or not.

Ajsa Mehmedovic is a junior at SUNY Oswego studying psychology and public relations. Ajsa enjoys conveying meaningful messages online and believes that social media has the power to bring people together. She would like to meld her psychology background and her passion for public relations by offering her understanding of people in a way that will affect positive public change. Offline you can find her exploring new hiking trails and the wonders of the unplugged world.