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What I Have Taken Away From The Women That Inspire Me

Everyone looks up to some sort of public figure. Artists, philanthropists, or YouTube stars. As for me, I look up to the creatives that spread positivity, good vibes, and want their followers to believe in their dreams and focus on self-care.

Those specific people to me is black minimalist Roe, from @Brownkids, entrepreneur and traveler Mimi Ikonn, and poet, Alex Elle. Each of them spark something different inside of me to continue reaching my creative peak.

Roe introduced me to the idea of living with less material things. That I only need the things that will contribute value to my life; not an overflow of stress that I already have from being a college student. The whole living with less stuff is an appealing lifestyle I have already slowly been starting as I am getting closer to becoming a full fledged adult. My actions are more drawn to donating things I have forgotten that were a part of my life and not being compulsive with my spending. Less stuff, less problems is a mantra I am growing more attached toMimi Ikonn lives what many will see as a dream life. A very loving relationship with her husband, successful businesses that have rewarded them millions of dollars, and a gypsy kind of freedom as they travel around the world when they have the urge to. Even as a broke woman, she made travel part of her life as she juggled multiple jobs and she jumped into the unknown with her husband to create businesses they are proud of. But, it’s her strong and positive voice to live her dream life that lets me know I can and will do the same. Yes, I will make traveling part of my life whether I have financial freedom or not, because I will give it the priority it deserves. And yes, I will live my dream life filled with creativity, love, living humbly, with a job I’m excited to go to everyday, and a loving partner and pet pig I can come home to every day.

Alex Elle is an amazing writer and as a writer myself, that should be enough to love her already. But, along with that is her constant journey to make self-care her center. This is a huge struggle for me. Having to constantly remind myself that I need to take care of myself and finding different ways to satisfy that. She encourages journaling and giving yourself a daily affirmation to live up to. Her own affirmations are encouraging such as, “Today I affirm: outside projections and judgement will not be allowed to speak for my truth.” I have yet to try this, but maybe this can become a habit that changes my perspective of self-care for the better. She reminds me that self-care is a daily practice that bring me inner peace and success.

Being someone that doesn’t think of herself as creative, these women are a God send. I need other women to remind me that I am my first priority, that my voice and my creations are different than everyone else’s, and that this will always be a work in progress. There’s no need for jealousy towards women who are living what seems to be a better life. There’s only need for inspiration and motivation to reach my own better life.

I'm known as kind of being a hippy who loves to meditate, do yoga, and listen to music. I'm always up for an adventure and am interested in living creatively, working for a bigger purpose, and continuing my adventures around the world!
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