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College is the perfect time to learn multiple things. Whether about your major, about life, and most importantly, yourself. Now that I am about to enter my junior year of college, I have learned a lot about myself, both good and bad events. Some that have affected, or possibly will soon affect, my future life.

Before starting college, my dad told me one thing and that was, “Don’t trust anyone, not even your friends.” At first, I pushed that comment to the side because, in my mind, I thought my friends would never betray me, and I would never be that naive. Well, this is the one situation where I learned from my mistakes. I have had multiple situations where friends, either close or not close, betrayed me or made me feel like complete crap. I was distracted by other stuff, such as my education or clubs, and so I was left pretty blindsided when it happened. I have learned to focus on myself but also include my friends once in a while. Now that may sound wrong to some people, and it’s not supposed to sound wrong in any way, but sometimes you really have to focus on yourself and learn to better yourself.

This kind of brings me to my next point. Over time, I have been opening myself in a Wiccan spiritual sense. I have always been attracted to the “witches” in movies, so as I got older, and started to learn more about witchcraft and what it is, and how Hollywood has changed the meaning of it, I became even more fascinated. I believed in this more than Methodism, which my Mom would make me go with her to church. I have been doing research on the practice, and I have been learning how to connect with my spirit guide and use tarot cards. I have also been using/learning about crystals and how to use them in my daily practice. At first, after practicing for a while, I was worried about people judging me on it, with people relating witchcraft to satanic myths thanks to Hollywood. However, I was completely wrong and found out a lot of other people either are Wiccan or have practices that are very similar. I have become more open thanks to these practices and feel more like myself. 

Now that I have talked about myself for a long time, it’s now time to move on to school-related stuff I have learned. I have sort of learned what I would like to do with my major, but now I may have changed my mind, and I’m conflicted. When I started my freshman year of college, I thought I wanted to be either a director, cinematographer, or editor. However, after being in HerCampus for two years and taking a screenwriting class for a required credit, I have really enjoyed writing and realized that screenplay writing would be a great career for me. Filming and editing are still very fun, however, I see myself being a writer. At the time I am writing this, I am considering doing the Disney College Program. I considered doing the program awhile back, but I moved away from the idea because I didn’t think it would take me anywhere in life. Now that I have attended the information session, I am considering applying when the program opens back up. I mean, working at Disney, then using that as a gateway to possibly work for a company that is associated with them, I mean why not? I am making a pros and cons list along with talking with past students, and of course, looking into prices and applying. But as you can see, I have learned and am currently learning what I would like to do with my life and future career. 

As you can see there are a lot of things that I have learned about myself, and there are a lot of other things I have learned, but I have talked for way too long. But I know as I grow older, there will be more opportunities to learn more, but only time will tell. We all learn from our mistakes and learn from lessons we are taught, and that’s the way life is. It definitely sucks at points, but it is the way of life. 


Erin is a Cinema and Screen studies major and a creative writing minor. She loves Disney and Horror movies, and her favorite director is Taika Watiti. Despite film and writing, she also loves art, baking, and musical theater. She is a July Cancer and her favorite holiday is Halloween.