What To Do After The End Of A Situationship

If you read my last article, “To All My Ladies Personally Victimized By Situationships,” I know you understand why I still have a lot more to say on the topic.  

Let’s talk stages of getting over/through it.


1. Don’t keep it bottled in.

Even if you don’t like talking about feelings, it’s not good for anyone to keep so many emotions inside just to have it all explode when you can’t take it anymore. Talk to your close friends or write it out (I mean why do you think I wrote this article?). Do whatever helps you cope with stress. This was me recently so don’t worry.


2. Resist communication with the person.

They swept you off your feet and then you landed on your face. That attraction you have to this person is not going to fade immediately and you have to accept that. Yes, you had a connection, but this person caused you to question yourself and caused you too much pain and mental exhaustion. Even if they come crawling to you saying, “I love you. I can’t lose you.” This person needs to get his or her own baggage figured out rather than adding to yours.


3. Do what you love.

Get back into activities that once made you feel at your most confident. You were your own person before you got involved into a situationship. You don’t need a man/woman to complete you! You are fabulous on your own.


4. Don’t allow guilt to control you.

Once you are on your truest Beyonce level, brace yourselves. You will find a very attractive person, who is probably enjoying how you strut around campus. LET IT HAPPEN! Sometimes post situationships, guilt can come into the picture. But, enjoy that confidence because it shows you have grown and finally realized you are so over the person who screwed you over.

But oh no…somehow your new crush is connected to that person. Stay tuned while I figure out how “Bro-Code” works when you get out of your situationship rut.