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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oswego chapter.

Starting off the new school on a good note, we wanted to introduce the new Fall 2022 E-Board members! After a relaxing summer vacation, it’s great to be back and doing what we do best! Here’s to a new year of amazing articles, friendly faces, and long-lasting friendships.

April (She/Her): Hi, my name is April White! I’m a Broadcasting and Mass Communications major and a Creative Writing minor. This will be my final year here at SUNY Oswego as I begin my senior year! This will also be my first year running as Campus Correspondent (CC) for our Her Campus chapter! I initially joined with the hopes of gaining new friends, experiences, and being able to continually partake in one of my favorite hobbies. Throughout the last year that I’ve been a part of this club, I’ve exceeded my expectations and I’m glad I could return as this new position to help everyone experience the same! Some things about me are that my favorite color is purple, my zodiac sign is cancer, my favorite show (currently) is Shameless, and I love Harry Styles! 

Jasmine (She/Her): Hi, my name is Jasmine Britt and I am one of the Campus Correspondents this year. I’m a Mass Communications and Broadcasting major with a minor in Arts Management. This year is my final year at SUNY Oswego and I can’t wait to get started! As a member of our organization, I have expanded my interests in pop culture and made new friends. Throughout this year I hope to offer leadership to Her Campus and hope to collaborate with my peers. Overall, my goal is to expand the organization even further to establish a bigger community. Some of my favorite shows include Pretty Little Liars, Insecure, and my guilty pleasure is Married at First Sight.

Shanae (She/Her): Hi everyone, my name is Shanae Gray and I’m the secretary for Her Campus. I am a senior with my Broadcasting and Mass Communications major with a minor in Business Administration. My favorite genres of shows are comedy, reality, and action. At the moment, I’ve been watching Abbott Elementary, Love Island, and Married at First Sight. My favorite genres of music are R&B and hip-hop, with some of my favorite artists being Kanye West, Summer Walker, Brent Faiyaz, and Beyonce. Some of my hobbies include writing, horror movies, and exploring new places! My reason for joining was to expand on my hobby of writing and build a portfolio in the process while making new connections. This year, I hope to write more articles related to my interests and graduate at the end of the semester! 

Tess (They/Them): Hello! My name is Tess, and I’m the Senior Editor for Oswego’s Her Campus. I am a Junior Creative Writing and Theater double major with a minor in Journalism! Although I don’t watch T.V. too much, my favorite shows as of late have been Heartstopper, Shadow and Bone, and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (all of which are based on books!) I love reading and writing in my free time, which was part of the reason I started writing for Her Campus. I wanted to be able to share my love for the two with anyone who would listen. I also joined Her Campus to gain more experience with writing and editing as well as make friends with similar interests to me. I’m really excited to see where this year takes everyone, as well as being able to see how my own writing grows over time!

Winnie (She/They): Hi, I’m Winnie! I’m the treasurer for Oswego’s chapter of Her Campus. I’m a senior in the Mathematics department with a minor in Health Science. My favorite shows as of right now are Justice League, Masterchef Junior, and Ben 10: Alien Force! I enjoy playing games like TFT and Pokémon, or Animal Crossing. I also love doing makeup and having fun, bold looks on my face. I wanted to join Her Campus to spread knowledge to my fellow peers and to make more memories with the people I’ll be in the community with. If anyone sees me around campus, I’ll usually have a fun hair color or have my makeup done! Don’t be afraid to come up and say hi. Some other fun facts about me are that: I can speak Vietnamese, I am a Libra and I also do tarot card readings. 

Katie (She/Her): Hey, I’m Katie! I am the New Member Liaison for Oswego’s chapter of Her Campus. This is my second year being involved with Her Campus and as New Member Liaison! I wanted to join Her Campus because of the leadership opportunities, meet new people, and explore my inkling interest in writing. I will be a sophomore this fall with a double major in communications and human development. Some of my favorite activities are exploring new places, traveling, photography, watching tv shows/movies, going shopping, interior designing, and making my own skincare products. If anyone sees me walking around campus, I’ll usually have a cute outfit on, listening to music, or talking with friends, but do not be afraid to come up and say hi. Some fun facts about me are: my birthday is November 1st, my favorite show currently is Never Have I ever, I enjoy providing commentary on media, and doing my makeup. I am looking forward to seeing what creative ideas Her Campus will have in store for this year!

As the semester progresses, our E-Board is ready to get started. Throughout this year we hope to bond with one another while creating a growing presence on campus!

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Hi My name is Jasmine Britt and I am a student at SUNY Oswego. I am majoring in Mass Communications and Broadcasting with a minor in Arts Management.
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April White

Oswego '23

April White is currently a senior at SUNY Oswego. She is a Broadcasting major with a minor in Creative Writing. More often than not you can find her either reading or tucked away in bed watching Netflix. She loves animals, iced coffee and the colors green and purple.
Tess (they / them) is a senior theater and creative writing double major at SUNY Oswego. They love reading, hanging out with friends, and writing in their free time.