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Vampire Diaries: Popular Fall TV Shows

arning. In one week over four million females will be swooning, love struck, hanging on the edge of their seats and praying that somebody comes out of the darkness to finally make their dream of becoming a blood sucker come true.

That’s right, Vampire Diaries is biting into the CW on October 11th for their much anticipated fourth season and needless to say this one is going to be epic. The wait is finally over, it has been too long since Ian Somerhalder has taken off his shirt and Pete Wesely has batted those oh so cute eyelashes as the two fight for Nina Dobrev’s love.

But besides the brooding hotties, the fourth season’s plot is just as juicy, with the town of Mystic Falls full of vampires, witches, werewolves and hybrids, let’s just say this is not exactly a vacationing hot spot.

Who can blame these girls for being psyched? There’s so much to be pumped for: is Elena a vampire? Will Damon be with Elena? Will Elena ever stop wearing the same black converse? Hopefully season four will work out all those kinks but if not at least we know we can look forward to many more seasons of some good old-fashioned vampire loving.

Vampire Diaries is not the only show returning this fall. Sheldon and his nerdy crew of scientist are back for The Big Bang Theory season six, along with the always hilarious Modern Family, which just recently made bank at the 2012 Emmys winning best supporting actor in a comedy series, best directing in a comedy series, best supporting actress in a comedy series and, of course, you guessed it, best comedy series.

But if you’re over Sophia Vergara’s accent and sick of waiting for Sheldon Cooper to shack it up with Amy, some new shows have just hit the air ways.

Revolution, on NBC, has been getting some buzz as what’s been called a cross between Falling Skies and Terra Nova. The show takes place fifteen years in the future after the power across the world mysteriously turns off; makes you wonder how the heck you would survive without your iPhone.

And then there’s ABC newest baby, Last Resort, in which a U.S. Navy submarine gets orders to fire nuclear weapons at Pakistan and its crew questions the command, well…let’s just say some pretty crazy stuff goes down; interesting concept and the cast isn’t bad to look at, either.

Whether you’re into watching blood suckers or an hour of celebrities thinking they can dance, TV’s fall season has no shortage of good entertainment.

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