Two Best Friends, Forty Questions: A Q&A with Brooke Lehr and Kaitlin Popow

When I first met Brooke Lehr, we were both scared and timid freshmen sitting in the lobby of Funnelle Hall at orientation. Little did we know that we would reunite two months later on move in day and start a life long friendship. Instead of doing a typical profile on one another, we decided to mix it up a bit. We wanted to give people a little insight into the “envious friendship of B and Po”, by answering these forty questions for each other. Grab some ice cream, kick your feet up and enjoy the life of us…as told by us. 1. What was the name of the first person you ever had a crush on?

Po: Brooke’s was a guy named Zach.

Brooke: Po’s was a kid named Colin.

2. What is one thing you regret having done or not done in your life?

Po: Taking that extra shot last Friday.

B: Not taking that extra shot last Friday.

3. Which parent do you identify with the most?

Po: She admires the world of her dad.

B: Po is a literal clone of her mom, and it’s perfect (and super hilarious).

4. What do you think you cook or bake the best?

Po: B likes to cook. She tells us she makes great Italian meals!

B: Po cooks some water pretty well, that’s about it.

5. If you could change your first name what would it be?

Po: Brooke’s would be Kaitlin (clearly).

B: I’d name Po...well, I probably would literally just change her name to Po to be honest.

6. Can you hula hoop?

Po: No?

B: She tries and fails, it's the effort that is admirable.

7. What embarrasses you the most in front of other people?

Po: Brooke doesn’t like crying in front of people. She has a Kim Kardashian crying face.

B: Po hates showing people she cares, so she acts like a rock but really she’s a little mush ball inside.

8. Have you considered running for president?

Po: We considered it when neither Trump or Hillary seemed like a good choice.

B: We both have, and we probably could do better than Trump is right now. Betsy DeVos got us fired up, man.

9. If you had to choose one thing you were most passionate about, what would it be and why?

Po: Brooke is passionate about her writing and feelings. She is never afraid to dive head first into something and open up with her entire heart.

B: Po is extremely passionate about her dreams and fulfilling them to the greatest extent that she can, and with her determination she will go all the way-no doubt.

10. Who are you most envious of—real or fictional—and why?

Po: I would say Brooke is most envious of Jennifer Aniston. But who wouldn't be?

B: I feel like anyone that is running the Cosmopolitan magazine right now.

11. Where is the most beautiful place on earth and why?

Po: Paris. It’s a bucket list vacation spot for both of us. Best friend trip, B?

B: Paris without a doubt. It’s cliche but who cares, am I right, ladies?

12. Are ghosts real?

Po: YES. She saw one in her closet last night.

B: Yes, way too real!

13. Are aliens real?

Po: Brooke thinks they are.

B: Po never mentions them, so maybe she is an alien and is just keeping it from me (super rude Po, super rude).

14. How old is the most expired item in your fridge?

Po: Brooke had old milk in her fridge last semester for at least a month. So now she doesn’t keep much in there.

B: Probably old wine because I drink it too slow and it makes Brooke sad.

15. Are your feet the same size?

Po: No, I wish. Brooke’s feet are bigger.

B: Nope. I have big feet.

16. What’s the saddest song you’ve ever heard?

Po & B:  “How to Save a Life” by The Fray is a personal favorite. 17. How about the sweetest song?

Po & B: “Call on Me” (current best friend song).

18. Do you know how to play dominoes?

Po: To an extent.

B: Yes!

19. What’s under your bed?

Po: Under Brooke's bed is her fridge and a dresser and random stuff that we probably consider lost.


20. Have you ever prank-called someone?

Po: Definitely.

B: Several times. We are children at heart. Always and forever.

21. 100 kittens or 3 baby sloths?

Po: Brooke loves kittens. Her boyfriend has a cat and it is actually their child. Sometimes I question if they think it is actually a human.

B: Sloths, Po is a cat hater.

22. Are you proud of what you’re doing with your heart and time right now?

Po: I know I am so proud of everything my best friend is doing. I can only hope that she accepts that she is doing enough and being enough everyday.

B: I am incredibly proud of everything Po has accomplished and has put her heart, mind, and soul to. She is amazing in more ways than one.

23. Why or why not?Po: She handles everything with such pride and never backs down from a challenge. She doesn’t care what people think of her as long as she is being the absolute best at everything she does.

B: She takes everything on, balances her time well, makes time for her loved ones, all while dealing with me. That is talent right there. She is a wonderful human, probably one of the most genuine people I have ever known.

24. How many bones have you broken?

Po: B has never broken anything.

B: I’m pretty sure Po has broken something, her back hurts sometimes but I don’t think it was broken ever. Probably felt broken though so I would count it. She pops advil like it’s her job.

25. Have you ever won anything? Big or small?

Po: Shes pretty great at all types of games. Huge win.

B: I mean someone in the friendship has to win at games, let's just say that isn’t Po. Sorry honey, but games aren’t your strong suit.

26. If you could buy one material thing, and money was not an issue, what would it be?Po: B would buy a new car and many many more pairs of shoes. We would actually be in Charlotte Russe forever if money was not an issue.

B: Definitely a penthouse on the Upper East Side. She’s a sucker for Gossip Girl.

27. What’s your favorite flower?

Po: Brooke’s are daisies.

B: Po’s favorite plant is a sunflower.  

28. What food will you absolutely not, under any circumstances, eat?

Po: LOBSTER. Brooke cried once when she had to crack the head off of it.

B: Fish. Po hates fish. Fish are friends, not food.

29. What’s the best way to comfort you when you’re having a really terrible day?

Po: When B is having a bad day she needs her blankie and her bed and literally nothing else. Sometimes she needs me too.

B: When Po has a bad day she needs some space at first to pull herself together, then some junk food and best friend time.

30. Has anything/anyone ever saved your life before?

Po: B saves her own life, a lot. I admire her for how she pulls herself together.

B: Veronica saves Po’s life a lot. Shannon does pretty well too.

31. Would you ever adopt a child?Po: She so would if the option came to be reality. She wants nothing more than to be a mom someday, and an exceptional one at that. I know she will be, she has so much heart and someday a little Brooke running around will be exactly what the world needs.

B: Eventually Po wants to have kids once she has lived through her dreams a little bit and has enough to properly support and care for them. She will be an outstanding mother someday, and our kids will probably be inseparable just like we are.

32. What is one thing you’re embarrassed to admit you want to try?

Po: Let’s go skydiving?

B: Hot air balloon.  

33. If you were a cake, what type of cake would you be?

Po: B would be chocolate cake. But without the icing. She always eats the cake and I eat the icing. It works out nicely.

B: Po wouldn’t even waste her time being a cake, she would straight up just be some really rich tasting icing.

34. What is the most important material possession you have and why?

Po: Brooke’s most important possession would be her Winnie-the-Pooh blanket. No matter what the situation is, that is all she needs to feel at peace and strong again.

B: Po’s is Bernie, a stuffed animal she got out of a claw machine when she was little. She doesn’t pick on me for my blankie so I don’t pick on her for Bernie, it is a win win.

35. What is the most important memory you have in your friendship and why?Po: I’m answering this one for myself. The most important memory I have within mine and Brooke’s friendship is not a single one. It is the countless times we have found each other in rather dark situations for any given reason and we were able to lift eachother up whether it was physically or emotionally. It takes a special type of friendship to have that sense where you feel the other person’s pain just as much as your own and you can fix it someway, somehow.

B: We don’t have one specific memory that can possibly sum up the perfection that our friendship is. We motivate each other, push each other, annoy each other, but most of all we genuinely care for each other. So many memories have been made that it all just seems right out of a movie.

36. When was the last time you cried?

Po: The last time Brooke cried was on our way home from Canada when we almost died repeatedly in a blizzard.

B: Po probably cried today when she was having a minor breakdown and was feeling a tad homesick, but that might have just been a tear or two, she never fully lets it out all the time like I do.

37. How old was your mother when she had you?Po: Brooke’s mom was nineteen.

B: I think Po’s mom was twenty-four.

38. Which famous person would you like to be BFFs with?

Po: Again, it would be Jennifer Aniston.

B: Chrissy Teigen.

39. Is there something you wish you had said sorry for but never did?

Po: I know there are a few things B regrets but she always goes out of her way to apologize for her wrongdoings. So no, there is nothing she currently has on her chest.

B: Nah we got that all out.

40. Is there anything I can do that will make your heart rest easier? Your life run smoother?

Po: Continue to be my best friend.

B: Let me raid your food bin.