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Twitter is a platform people of all ages use to send out thoughts or retweet things they like or find essential. In the past, you had to follow terms and guidelines like every other app and social media platform. If you didn’t follow those terms and guidelines, you could get suspended or permanently banned. You could also identify if a person on Twitter is famous if they have a blue check next to their name, meaning they are verified. In recent weeks, Twitter has completely changed. 

Elon Musk, a multibillionaire, bought Twitter. He changed Twitter and some would say he changed Twitter for the worse. First off, he fired half of the Twitter employees and if any employee rebelled against him on Twitter, he would find out who they were and fire them. Which is a huge oof for being a manager for many people. That isn’t even the worst part. Elon unbanned Andrew Tate, Jordan Peterson, and Donald Trump recently. If you know these figures, you know why they were banned in the first place. The reason for this unbanning is that Elon believes in free speech. You are also able to buy verification on Twitter for $8.99 a month. Slay capitalism! Just kidding, this is actually bad for people who believe these fake verified accounts are pretending to be someone they’re not tweeting unhinged tweets.

The reason Twitter is dead is that those people are allowed their platform back after all the horrid stuff they’ve said and or done, but if you bait Elon and change your name to Elon Musk or anything related to his name and say out-of-pocket stuff, you will get banned. Elon also posts so many tweets in a day that it’s insane! I never used Twitter that much before, only for a class I’m in, but now I’m definitely staying off Twitter. Especially since Elon is preaching “free speech” and people are pretty insane on there. RIP Twitter.

I'm Tiffany, a Marketing student at SUNY Oswego and one of our Her Campus at Oswego Campus Correspondent!