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Top Three Things to Know This Week

Shooting in Fort Hood, T.X.

A man identified by Army officials as Spc. Ivan Lopez opened fired in Fort Hood, injuring 16 and killing four, including himself on Wednesday. Officials said Lopez opened fire on soldiers in his unit using a .45-caliber Smith & Wesson semi-automatic pistol after an argument. He was later stopped by a female officer in a parking lot, where he turned the pistol and shot himself. Officials said Lopez was being evaluated for post traumatic stress disorder after deploying to Iraq.

David Letterman Announces Retirement

Late night talk-show host David Letterman announced his retirement on his show after a 30-year run on television. According to www.entertainment.com, Letterman plans to retire in 2015. The first time Letterman launched his show, “Late Night with David Letterman,” was in 1982 on NBC. As of yet, he has not announced any post-retirement plans.

Chile Received a Powerful Earthquake

Chile was struck with a powerful 8.2 magnitude earthquake on Tuesday. According to www.space.com, the earthquake struck about 60 miles northwest of the city Iquique. The powerful magnitude caused several landslides and triggered a tsunami that measured 7 feet high. On Wednesday, a powerful aftershock of a 7.2 magnitude struck Chile.


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