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Top Three Spooky Movies You Have to Watch This Month!

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If you read my most recent article and know books aren’t for you, but still want to participate in the consumption of everything spooky this October, don’t worry! Here are some amazing scary movies that are the best when you watch them around Halloween and will have the same thrilling effect as books can!

Trick ‘r Treat

I just recently rewatched this movie with some friends, and it seriously did not disappoint! I like this movie because it is an anthology, with four different plot lines with different characters who all live in the same small town. This movie takes place on Halloween night, and despite the fact that all of the stories are different, they do hold one thing in common: a cryptic child trick-or-treater named Sam who walks around with a burlap sack over his head (and also has quite the violent side). Sam only comes out if the characters broke any of the ancient Halloween traditions, such as blowing out the candle inside a jack-o’-lantern before midnight. This movie is everything you could want in a Halloween-themed horror film, making you wonder if real monsters may actually be hiding underneath those costumes when the holiday rolls around. 


I know that probably everyone knows about this movie and/or has seen it, but that’s for good reason. It’s one of my favorite horror movies of all time, and I always feel like I’m watching it for the first time whenever I get the time to rewatch it. I used to watch the 1990 version of this movie when I was younger, so I grew up loving it. If you get a chance, I would definitely try to watch that one and also the two newer ones that came out as well, because both versions are amazing. This movie revolves around seven children living in Derry, Maine, where a centuries-old evil shapeshifter emerges from the sewer every 27 years to prey on young children, posing as a clown named Pennywise. These characters must join together and conquer their own personal fears to finally defeat Pennywise for good. Unfortunately, they don’t do that good of a job because 27 years later, after all seven kids have grown up, Pennywise makes its return and results in the old group of friends reuniting and taking it down one last time. Not only is the plot of this movie chilling and disturbing, but you also come to know and love all of the main characters, which I enjoy because horror movies don’t really leave room for a lot of character development. So, if you want a good horror movie you can go back to over and over again, this one is perfect for you!


The Scream movies are another one of my all time favorite horror franchises. They are classic slasher movies that never get old! These four movies (with a new one coming out in January that I’m way too excited for!) tell the story of a masked killer who goes by the name Ghostface and stalks and brutally murders young adults in a sleepy small town. Even though these movies are old and get newer as more came out, they still hold a lot of jump scares, as well as surprising plot twists you’ll never see coming!! After watching these, you’ll definitely be obsessively locking all your doors and swearing never to walk outside alone at night…but does it matter? Ghostface always finds a way inside. 


Or… am I??

Happy (early) Halloween, everyone!!  

Sara is a double major in English and Creative Writing, with a minor in Communications at SUNY Oswego. She hopes to one day work for a publishing company as an editor, while also living out her lifelong dream to write books. When Sara isn't reading or writing, you can find her cooking, listening to music, or rewatching her favorite Netflix shows!
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