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Top Five Reasons Why I Believe Winter is the Best Season

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The second Thanksgiving ends, the Christmas tree goes up, the menorahs come out, and there are lights everywhere! The spirit of all holidays makes the cold weather feel warm. Doing nice deeds, giving gifts, and spending time with friends and family is what the season is all about. 

seasonal music and food

Continuing with the holiday season, the music and food is top tier. Mariah Carey, Michael Bublé, and Kelly Clarkson all carry with their hits such as “All I want for Christmas Is You,” “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” and “Underneath the Tree.” I personally listen to these songs in August because they are so good. The food during the winter is also superior. Hot chocolate, gingerbread, peppermint, and cinnamon rolls are the best foods to eat when the weather turns cold.


I know this is a controversial topic but it shouldn’t be! Growing up and seeing the streets covered in white was the best feeling in the world. School would be cancelled and the whole day would be spent sledding, having snowball fights, and drinking hot cocoa. 

winter sports

Snow also makes for some great activities such as snowboarding and skiing. I started snowboarding a few years ago and fell in love. Sitting on top of a mountain and looking over trees or the rush of riding down is an experience I look forward to every year. Other fun sports to watch and play during the winter include ice hockey and basketball.

winter attire

Winter is the best season to wear the comfiest clothes while also looking your best. Some clothes that are only appropriate for the winter season are coats, boots, hoodies, fuzzy socks, and leggings. While looking nice is always an option, I prefer a sweatshirt and pajama bottoms!

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Carly Sukiel

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Carly Sukiel is a senior at Suny Oswego majoring in both English and Business Administration. Carly is a proud member and the treasurer for both Her Campus and Women's Club Ice Hockey Team.
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