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Top 5 Most Useless Christmas Gifts

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Humbug to these pieces of junk.

I know, I know – “it’s the thought that counts.” But have you ever received something so useless on Christmas that it makes you question why in the world the giver would ever think of this? We’ll delve into the top five worst gifts to open up on Christmas morning (most of which I’ve unfortunately received, and probably so have you).


Whenever I go to a baby shower, holiday party, or any event that looks too much like a Pinterest board – the gift bag always includes a funky-smelling “artisan” soap (tied up in an ~aesthetic~ burlap ribbon). Do these go into my shower? Nope, they are shoved straight to the back of the drawer. Besides, it’s weird to think about the actual message behind giving a hygiene product as a gift – it really says “Here, take a bath, smelly,” (unless you’re getting a bidet for someone, those things are GAME CHANGERS). I’ll stick to my Dove bar instead, thanks.

adult coloring books

Remember being a teenager and asking for one of these in your stocking? 2014 is OVER. No shade if you like to use adult coloring books as self-care or stress relief, but does anyone really ever color the entire book? I remember getting things and trying to start a mandala, then giving up halfway through and forgetting about the whole thing altogether. Maybe it’s just me, but these require too much time and energy that I just don’t have.


Yes, it’s super generous to pay for a whole year subscription. But is it something actually useful and that you will like arriving every month? Please ask yourself this: will this person appreciate magazines or fruit coming every single month? And the kicker is that once the year is up, you’re now stuck paying for something that you have to go through the pain of cancelling. I didn’t ask for this life!!!


Don’t get me wrong, I love mugs. My mug shelf at home is literally falling off its hinges with the amount of mugs I have. That’s exactly the problem. We all have dozens of mugs sitting in our cabinets when in reality we only tend to use the same two to three that we love. So unless this mug you’re getting me can really top my trusty ones that I’ve been using for years – forget about it.

christmas candy

??? Like I haven’t been eating these ALL MONTH?

Next time, just get a gift card instead. Merry Christmas. 

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