Top 5 Beauty Products from Walmart Under $10

Finding beauty products is always a process. When picking any shampoo, moisturizer or body scrub, we try to find the best products that fit our skin or hair type that doesn’t break the bank at the same time. Lately, I have been itching to find new beauty products. I love discovering new products and brands that are all natural, good for the environment, and of course, are not tested on animals.

But my biggest issue was the amount of money I was willing to spend on certain products and usually, the best ones are the most expensive. So, I began doing my research on good quality products at a low price.

To my surprise, many of the affordable products I Googled that aligned with my preferences/needs were all from Walmart! I found my new hair mask, body scrub and body wash at my local Walmart and I can definitely say that I am 100 percent obsessed with each and every one of them. If you’re in need of new beauty products but want to save your bank account, here are five beauty products from Walmart, all under 10 dollars, that I swear by.


1.Maui Moisture Heal & Hydrate - Shea Butter Hair Mask, $13.79



This hair mask is my new ‘go-to’ for repairing my hair. With yummy smells of shea butter and coconut, this mask works great for both in and out of the shower as a deep treatment! Because my hair is so thick and gets greasy at the end of the day, what I found worked best for me was taking a small amount and running it through my hair after I shower. It leaves my hair so smooth and shiny the next day, and it smells even better. The best part about this mask is its size -- it’s a huge jar and because you only need a little, you will definitely be getting your money’s worth!

*Pro tip: when using the mask, make sure to get a very small amount, no more than a dime! Otherwise, it leaves your hair super greasy.


2. Tree Hut Moroccan Rose Shea Sugar Scrub - $6.48

This is one of the best body scrubs I’ve ever used, hands down. Less than 10 dollars, this  Moroccan rose scrub smells so yummy and really gets rid of all the dead skin cells on your body. It’s great for exfoliating your legs before shaving and always leaves my legs feeling more smooth than they do if I don’t use the scrub. Although I have really sensitive skin, the strong smell from the scrub doesn’t irritate me at all, which is a plus!


3. Dove Sensitive Skin Shower Foam, $5.94

I’ve never been able to use body washes because the fragrances and ingredients always irritated my super sensitive skin. However, this body foam from Dove is one of my all-time favorite products, since it’s gentle on the skin and doesn’t make me break out. You only need one pump with this shower foam (the phrase “a little goes a long way” really applies for this product). And, even though it is for sensitive skin people like myself, it still has a slight, clean smell that leaves you feeling so refreshed.


4. Alba Botanica Hawaiian Moisture Cream, Soothing Jasmine and Vitamin E, $9.54

This is one of the best moisturizers I’ve tried in a long time! While I’ve been using Cosmetic Lad from LUSH USA, I wanted to switch things up a bit (and opt for a slighter cheaper option than the 22 dollar one from LUSH). My housemate recommended this to me since we have similar skin types and it didn’t leave her skin broken out or with a rash. This moisturizer is light, bouncy and goes on so smooth you’ll feel like you have legit baby skin. And the best part about this moisturizer? Just like the Maui Moisture mask, you only need a teeny bit, so this will also give you your money’s worth!


5. Freeman Feeling Beautiful Rejuvenating Clay Mask, Cucumber + Pink Salt, $6.68

One of my favorite face masks is this one from Freeman Beauty. This deep-cleaning clay mask is great for a Friday or Saturday after a long week of classes, work, and club activities. Masks that have clay in them are good for drawing out all of the dirt and bacteria in your pores, and this one always leaves your skin feeling smooth and actually glowing.

If you’re in need of any new masks, moisturizers or body washes, look no further than these products at your local Walmart! Beauty doesn’t have to break the bank, but it does have to do one thing: work well for you and your body.