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Tiffany Huynh: Public Justice Club President

Tiffany Huynh’s blue carpeted living room is filled with two matching blue plaid couches, a coffee table and a flat screen T.V. nested on a small table in the corner. Standard living room necessities for a typical college student’s house, but the 21-year-old junior is shooting for more than just typical, she is shooting for success.

Tiffany is a double major in Public Justice and Psychology and the president of the Public Justice club at SUNY Oswego. Like many other students, she loves to cook, socialize with friends and relax with a good movie and great food.

As the president of the Public Justice club, she has many responsibilities that keep her busy.

“We send out emails to all of the Public Justice majors and minors in order to get them involved more with the school,” she says. “In the club, we try to incorporate academics with fun activities to bring in more people. I also work closely with the board members to collect ideas that may interest future members to join the club such as planning trips, movie nights, things like that.”

She was elected the president of the Public Justice club during her sophomore year, and now she’s got the hang of things.

“As a club, we have set some personal goals for ourselves. First and foremost, we would love to take a trip to Washington, D.C. to visit the Supreme Court to get a better understanding of the system of the law in the United States,” she says. “We’re also trying to arrange mini-conferences around SUNY Oswego to inform people about issues in Central New York that include abuse on the elderly in nursing homes and issues with troubled youths around our counties.”

Tiffany is very passionate about giving back to her community and to the world in general. Raised in Auburn, N.Y., she became interested in pursuing a career that helps troubled youths around New York, and one day, across the country.

“I would like to help guide struggling and corrupted youths by providing them with advice and care they deserve and need,” she says. “I plan on being a very successful woman and hopefully become a parole officer one day and help every child out there in need.”

For now, Tiffany is keeping herself busy by providing advice to her peers and enrolling in the Oswego mentoring program.

“I am going to be tutoring and interacting with at-risk youth in Oswego Middle School as part of the Oswego mentor program beginning in mid-September,” she says.

You may also see Tiffany during the hockey games beginning in October as she has been announced the head usher of the hockey games.

“It’s really cool, I’m really excited for this season,” she says.

The Public Justice club meets twice a month on a Thursday at 3:45 in Mahar 319. Flyers will be posted around Mahar and emails will be sent out to remind all students of future meetings.

So if you see Tiffany around school or running around at the hockey games, say a quick hello!

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