The Throwback April Playlist You Need to Be Listening To

April is one of my favorite months. Spring has officially sprung, the weather is starting to get warmer, and it’s the last month before May, AKA summer, in college terms. That means we are one month closer to road trips, beach excursions, and endless days by the pool. But April also means that finals are creeping up on us...and that can be a bit overwhelming.

I’ve always been a big music person; I can’t do anything without something playing! Whether I’m getting dressed in the morning, eating breakfast, or walking to class, I always have my headphones in. Music is my stress reliever and it has always helped me get through the hell that is #finalsweek. So, I wanted to share with you all some of my favorite songs of this month, that hopefully can help you destress and unwind as we all try to power through these last few weeks before summer.

Wallows, courtesy of their website.

Titled “2017APRIL”, this playlist has become one of my favorites. (My thing is to create playlists every month, and I give them pretentious af names because, why not?) It has a mix of fast paced, upbeat songs that you can jam out to when you need a burst of energy, or need to go on a fast run to get rid of some of the stress. There’s also slower ballads on the playlist as well, which I often listen to just before I go to bed so I can unwind. It’s a pretty diverse mix of songs, but I think each of them are all connected in a weird way.

Check out my playlist here if you want some new music to listen to for these last weeks before finals! My favorites so far are “Pleaser” by Wallows, Dylan Minnette’s band’s first single. (Dylan plays Clay from 13 Reasons Why, which has become one of my favorite Netflix shows); “Wake Me”, by Bleachers, Jack Antonoff’s 2014 post-fun. musical project; and “Cocoon” by Milky Chance. If you find any of your own favorites and/or you know any good songs or bands that you’d recommend, feel free to leave a comment below!