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Three DIYs for Your Bedroom

1. Chunky Blanket

All you need is chunky style yarn. You don’t need any knitting needles or crochet hooks. This is just a hand-crocheted blanket.  You start by just making a slipknot with the yarn and make a chain. You just keep going until you are satisfied with the result.

2. Cloud Light 

What you need for supplies are a hot glue gun, two liter bottles, pillow fluff and LED lights. You start by hot gluing the two liters together. Then, you hot glue the fluff to the bottles and weave the lights through the two liter bottles. Then hang it up!

3. Diy LED Sign

What you need is an old frame and some wire lights. What you need to do is choose an image you like,trace it on the glass, and put your wired lights on it.

Andrea Aube

Oswego '23

19 y/o from Albany, New York. I like sports, tv, travel and much more!
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