Things I Did to Avoid Studying

Hi, my name is Victoria, and I’m a procrastinator. So instead of studying, I have:


  1. Rearranged my bookshelf. First I tried by color, then genre, and then finally went back to alphabetical by author’s last name. Like it always is.

  2. Chased my dog around the front yard.

  3. Went on a bunch of online shopping websites and filled a cart will all the things I wanted and then let the tabs sit open while looking at other shops until I realized I was too broke to buy anything. Then I closed them all.

  4. Napped on the floor.

  5. Rolled around on my carpet pretending to do yoga even though I only know about six poses.

  6. Looked up yoga poses.

  7. Read two random chapters of a book that I have already read just to see if I could remember what was going on during that part of the book. I did.

  8. Folded and put away all my laundry. Included sorting everything in my closet by color and pretending to go through my t-shirts to get rid of some even though I’m too much of a hoarder to actually get rid of anything.

  9. Found a pen on the floor and clicked it seventeen thousand times while staring at the ceiling.

  10. Ate an orange.

  11. Smelled every candle I could find. This was not limited to my room as there were many in the kitchen, the cabinet in the front hall, and a box in the living room that hasn’t been unpacked since I moved back home.

  12. Oh yeah, moved back home.

  13. Watched my cat give birth to six kittens when I only expected three, which only added to my stress because now I have to find houses for all six kittens.

  14. Pet the kittens. Cuddled with the mama cat.

  15. Told myself that it is absolutely reasonable to expect myself to read the entirety of Pride and Prejudice and write a five-page paper on it within twenty-four hours so it can be put off even longer.

  16. Debated getting drunk to deal with the math studying that is much more overwhelming than it needs to be.

  17. Bought three packs of Oreos.

  18. Packed for the study abroad trip for the class that requires I write that essay on Pride and Prejudice that I still haven’t written.

  19. Watched Brooklyn Nine Nine.

  20. Realized I had to take a test in the morning and begrudgingly got off the floor in order to brush teeth, wash face, change into a different pair of slightly cleaner pajamas, and crawl into bed.

  21. Not fallen asleep for another three hours.