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“They’re a 10 but…” College Edition

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oswego chapter.

Social media is one of the main places where trends originate. One of the latest trends online was the use of the statement “she’s a 10 but…” This trend explored funny statements stating how someone can be a great person but have a flaw. Although these statements can include flaws, there’s also the possibility of them including positive qualities. Overall, this may negatively or positively impact their rating of 10. In honor of this funny trend, I decided to make up some related to college and the habits we practice. Sidenote: some of these may just be my habits, but who knows? 

They’re a 10 but…

Doesn’t go to the library until finals week

Throughout the year students often find themselves completing work outside of the library. But, we all know that when crunch time and finals come, it’s time to hit the library. In the library, we may experience a better sense of focus that’s needed to succeed. Even if you don’t go there often, getting your work done overall is most important. 

Procrastinates and waits till the last minute to start an assignment

With all the work we get as college students it can be easy to say “I’ll do it tomorrow.” But, “tomorrow” can quickly become the day before the deadline. Continually doing this can come with stress and telling ourselves “never again.” However, let’s be honest, it always ends up happening again. 

Has a meal plan, but insists on ordering out 

Eating the same things over and over can be tiring. Unless it’s your favorite item from the nearest fast food restaurant. Also, sometimes the dining hall just might not be the vibes. Therefore, you turn to DoorDash or Domino’s to get your regular. Plus, we know students never hesitate to use their handy dandy dining dollars. So why not make use of what you have? 

Doesn’t give their least favorite class all their attention 

More often than not there may be a class that’s your least favorite. Therefore, it may be hard to stay focused in that class. You may turn to drawing doodles in your notebook or thinking about your next meal. 

Has been given the option to revise an assignment, but settles for a passing grade

It’s always a relief when you pass an assignment you struggled with. But, it’s even better when you get the chance to revise it to get a higher grade. Of course, it may feel like a hassle to make corrections, but it may pay off in the long run. If you experience it, maybe think about the final grade you want as some motivation.

Is procrastinating on getting their license 

As a college student at a school that’s basically in a small town, this is a struggle. Having to rely on the bus can be annoying, especially if you want to go an hour away. Personally, as someone from New York City, it’s not a necessity to get a license because of the easy access to public transportation. Although this is the case in the city, it may not help when going away. I always told myself that I would eventually get my license by a certain time, but now I’m a senior with a permit. 

Can be found scrolling on TikTok when they have plenty of work to do

TikTok has become that app that never gets old. Want a laugh, informational contact, hair, style, or beauty tips? TikTok is the place to go. I know that I am an occasional procrastinator. I’ll tell myself I need a break from work and go on the app. Although, I know that I should just continue with my work. 

Doesn’t eat breakfast

We’ve all heard the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But, sometimes I’m just too lazy to get up and go to the dining hall. Also, in college sometimes sleep and rest can be more important. 

With this upcoming school year, maybe these habits will change for the better. Or, we can instead just stick to what has gotten us by.

Hi My name is Jasmine Britt and I am a student at SUNY Oswego. I am majoring in Mass Communications and Broadcasting with a minor in Arts Management.