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Theater Etiquette

Hi, welcome to my TEDtalk about theatre etiquette. 

I’m joking, but seriously why do people feel like it’s okay to act like an asshole during shows? Especially during Broadway shows, like you paid how much money to come to see the show only to spend half of your time on your phone!? Well, here I am today to tell you what you should and should not do at shows, musicals, plays, etc. 

Should Not Do: Be on your phone               Do: Turn it off

Well, I might as well start on this topic. Trust me, I know phones can be a distraction. But (a reference to the Book of Mormon fans) TURN IT OFF! I think someone can wait at least until intermission without checking their phone. What people don’t realize is that performers can see the audience and a phone light reflecting onto someone’s face may cause a distraction. Plus, if a performer sees the reflection, it clearly shows that you are more interested in your phone than their performance. Just don’t be a dick! 

Should Not Do: Sing your heart out             Do: Keep your mouth shut

Listen, I love musicals just as much as the next person, but I don’t belt my heart out to my favorite songs. Even though it’s very tempting, it’s rude and inappropriate to do so. The show is not about you, it’s about the performers on the stage that have put blood and sweat into their performance. So don’t take away their moment. If you can’t keep your mouth shut that long, simply lip sync the lyrics.

Should Not Do: Make yourself at home       Do: Sit still

Now this should be clear to people, but please do not take off your shoes. A theater is not the place to let yourself go and make yourself at home. And yes, I know the seats are tight and close together, however please keep your feet off the seats of the people in front of you. People go to see a performance, not to smell your stinky feet! So just sit still until intermission and take that time to stretch out. 

Now I could continue on with what you should and should not do at the theater. However, I think you have a good idea of it. Pretty much, just don’t be a dick. The shows are meant for your entertainment, and for the actors to show off their talents. Sorry if I sound like a jerk, but it makes me angry when people ruin the performances for others.