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The Importance of Diversity in Modeling

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oswego chapter.

Throughout the history of modeling, we have seen many terms like “heroin chic,” “supermodel,” “baby face,” “androgyny” and “Victoria’s Secret Angels.” When looking at all these examples we typically think of very similar women. Someone who is young, tall, skinny, and most likely white. In the modern age, is there really any need to have models that are all similar in looks? As someone who has a love for fashion and supermodels, I love seeing what’s new and learning about models and the designers behind the scenes. But it’s time for designers to show their skills extend to other types of people. 

Although the origins of the model directly refer to living “mannequins,” which is what originally models were called due to their tall and slender figure, evidence shows that we do not need to only rely on these women to see how clothes look. The purpose of “mannequins” was to appear as if the clothes were hanging on the rack, but the buyer could see more of how an item of clothing is shaped. 

The women we typically think of are amazing and beautiful, it’s obvious, that you have to respect the dedication that these models put in for their careers. But even these beautiful women feel loads of pressure on, there is the constant regulation of how to look. 

While it’s true that not everyone can be a model, there is an importance in opening up the modeling world to include other types of beauty that aren’t just tall, white, and skinny. While we have had older supermodels who have made waves in the modeling world such as Naomi Campbell, Devon Aoki and Ashley Graham, the world of modeling still has a long way to go.

Many designer brands still opt for the typical mode in body type and height, although nowadays models of different ethnicities are wanted more than ever. You can see this in fashion week shows, with brands like “Gucci” often picking people who have a unique kind of beauty that shows off the “meaning” of the brand

Younger brands are light-years ahead of older designers in terms of diversity. “Selkie” is a great example of this new trend towards more diverse models. Their most recent show was a fantasy fairy dream, brilliant clothes that have an older coquette feel with a modern twist. 

The show had many models, along with your stereotypical models, they showcased many other models in this beautiful clothing. It really showcases the talent of the designers and their love for fashion. Diversifying models in fashion will help fashion grow and change into something beautiful. It’s possible to have a mix of new and old.

Laurin Felldin is a 21 year old college student who is excitedly learning about the world of writing and media. Some of her main interests are fashion and learning how online culture works