'The Sun and the Water' - A Poem

The Sun and the Water

The sun was bright but warm,                                           

Not lasting long enough

The day was running from our reach

The night walking toward us

As we stood along the stream

So small and so calm

A light sound like bells

Shining and silver

When out there was a


I was like the water

Changing and churning

Anxious to reach the sea

But safe between the banks

Constantly lapping against

The same shores

Pulling aimlessly as the tide

Or sinking down

Like a drowning stone

But the sun

Danced upon it,

Glinting on the waves

Like laughs on summer days

Orange soda and lemonade

Her bubbly and me saved

For that free afternoon

The sun reflecting on the water

The world mirroring itself

In the surface

She was the sun, standing beside me

Giving me hope, as it reassured us

That spring was coming

Just as it gave us warmth

On our chilled faces

The cold receding, just clawing

At our skin, no longer biting

As winter was melting away

I too became water

No longer ice

So cold to the touch

It felt like spring

Sinking into the mud, more than

Crunching our sneakers on leaves

You could smell spring

Earth and grass stains

Fresh flowers and clean air,

Cleansed by the snow

The sun

A taste of comfort

Like warm tomato soup and grilled cheese.

She breathed in the dirt deeply,

Dreaming of warmer days

As I gazed across the tracks

Where I once would have stood

I now wondered where they lead

Where would the train go?

Where would we?

The bridge over the river

Was connecting us

The sun and the water

We could not be broken