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Should We Continue to Romanticize The College Life?

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oswego chapter.

Whenever you hear someone say that they go to college, the response is always, “Wow I remember college, those were the good times.” And while everyone experiences positive things in college. There are also a lot of hills and struggles that people go through. They tell you all about the good times, and the enjoyment of freedom. But they don’t tell you the struggle with maintaining a work-life balance, the new sensation of having to learn to be okay by yourself more. Yes, college is a place where you find yourself. But it can also be a place where you find yourself in situations that test your morals and your standards. Especially with this new generation, people are starting to see this. While going out and having your freedom is fun, they also don’t tell you about the changes you will go through personality-wise. How you are challenged to now think like an adult, but when you go back home you aren’t.

There are so many things that college students go through, and all are necessary. But I think we need to stop romanticizing college and start talking about the major changes we will be up against. These changes are beautiful and important for our growth. But in order to have true growth we must confront the hills we need to climb to get there. We need to love life for the challenges that it brings. Not only for the pretty pictures that we see but the true depth behind what we do.

My name is Penelope Paradis I major in psychology and minor in Biology. I am hoping to be a physical therapist! Some things that make me who I am is my love for reading, anime,God, and dancing!