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When people ask me “What do you like most about yourself?” it is very hard for me to give a physical feature that I admire most. Growing up, especially within my teenage years, I was always the overweight girl that had significant body image issues. I would see all the girls wearing crop tops and bikinis and always ask myself, “Why don’t I ever look like them?” I’ve made so many attempts to lose weight and it just wasn’t working out for me. From going to the gym constantly, to eating healthy, I just never saw myself as where I wanted to be, what I viewed as being beautiful. 

    My parents are the biggest motivators and supporters in my life. Whenever I would express that I am feeling insecure, my dad would always plan on going to the gym together and coordinate team workouts. In addition, my mom would cook nutritious meals to help me succeed on my weight loss journey. Within a couple of weeks, I was seeing results and I was slowly gaining my self confidence back. People began to notice that I was generally happier and I had a “glow” to me. 

    In 2015, my grandma passed away and I was at my absolute lowest. She was my best friend and we would enjoy each others’ company very much. I felt the most connected to her and we were basically the same person. I would visit her house every weekend just to tell her how my week was and have long and deep conversations about life. We would also play card games together and she would catch me cheating every time. We both loved extravagant items, enjoyed makeup, high heels, etc. Most of the women in my family are considered to be tomboys and don’t have an interest in “girly” things. When she died, I took it the worst. I began to stress eat and became the most depressed I ever saw myself. I wouldn’t get out of bed, had no motivation to do anything and I saw myself deteriorating. I never thought I would see myself again.

    Luckily, within a couple of weeks, I was feeling better and doing things that make me happy which includes art, hanging out with friends, or basically anything that gets my mind off of negative thoughts. During my last two years of high school, I started going back to the gym and developing the social life I once had. In addition, I got into a serious relationship and was experiencing positive and happy moments that made me grow as a person.

    So back to the question “What do you like most about yourself?” I would say I love my self growth within the last five years of my life. I’ve been making much better choices for myself and for once, I am comfortable in my own skin. I try to be the healthiest and most confident person I can be and spread that positivity to my peers around me. Life is too short to not experience it to the fullest.


My name is Melissa Wadler and I am currently a sophomore at Suny Oswego. I am a Wellness Management major with a minor in Business Administration. I hope to pursue a career within the health field, preferably managing a health facility. My interests/ hobbies are free writing, spending quality time with my friends, and anything involving art ! :)
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