Sam's Sketchy Going Out Stories

Story 1:

I went out in downtown Syracuse for the first time in the summer of 2017. I didn’t even have a fake ID yet. I went with my two girlfriends, a guy that was friends with them that I met that night and his friend that my friends and I all met that night. The guy we all met that night had a cousin that went to SU and had an apartment in Syracuse but was home in the city at the time. He was allowed to stay in her apartment and let us stay that night as long as she didn’t find out. So we pregamed for a little in the apartment then decided to hit the bars. There was only one run down bar I could get into without an ID. So we only went there and luckily the guy whose cousin’s apartment we were staying in got his ID taken the weekend prior so I wasn’t sneaking in the back door alone. After my friends texted me saying it was clear, so we snuck in. Sadly, the guy got kicked out within about two minutes by a bouncer. I ended up not being caught. The other guy decided to go back to the apartment with his friend and I stayed at the bar with my friends for a while. Eventually, we went back to the stranger’s apartment and went to bed. I felt fine going to sleep on the couch, that’s why I was shocked when I woke up with PUKE in my HAIR. I puked in my sleep which was something I had never done before and is actually very dangerous. I managed to get some on the backpack of the guy my friends knew. I felt so embarrassed and horrible that I had stayed in this gorgeous apartment of a girl I didn’t know, puked in my hair and on the backpack that a guy I barely knew owned. I woke up frantically scrubbing the backpack the best I could before he had to run to work that morning. After apologizing repeatedly, we said our thank you’s and left. We sluggishly strolled downtown and stopped in Original Grain where I shamelessly washed the puke out of my hair in the bathroom sink.


Story 2:

My best friend and I went out to SU and found a random party we could get into. We met a group of guys that night that were supposedly in a band from Long Island but were in Syracuse to perform for the weekend. Apparently, though, their gig got canceled last minute. My friend was talking to this one guy in the group all night and eventually, they invited us back to their “hotel” for an after party. At the time, this sounded fun to me. So our dumb intoxicated selves hopped in the free Uber XL with them. By the time we pulled up to the place I was sobering up, so my senses were starting to pull themselves back together and I realized this wasn’t our best idea. First of all, they kept saying “hotel” with drinks so in my head I was picturing a lit mini party at a Marriott or something decent. I should have realized though that wasn’t realistic. This was at the Western Ranch Motel that looked like a place they filmed horror movies. I have nothing against motels, I’ve stayed at a Motel 6 before. As soon as we got inside and the only drink there was a half-full bottle of Hennessy, I pulled my friend back outside and said we need to go and she agreed. So I ordered us an Uber and we hid in the bathroom until it came. They, of course, wanted us to stay the night but we politely refused. Nothing wrong happened, they didn’t take advantage of us and we were extremely lucky for that. That night definitely taught me many important lessons though.