Round Table: Let's Talk Women in Leadership


I couldn’t have been more proud of Her Campus for pulling off this huge event. Not only did we collaborate with Women’s Center and SA, we made a groundbreaking moment to highlight women at our college. I felt empowered and happy to be around others who have the same values as I do and learn from one another. I just hope this event continues for years to come. Or maybe have different themes for each year, I don’t know … I just hope this becomes a legacy event. Women in Leadership was definitely a college milestone for me. Being able to help create an event, and have it be as successful as it was, made me feel so accomplished. I can easily say that I left a part of myself at this college to look back on.



After only being involved in Her Campus for a short time, this event made me realize how powerful the women on our campus are. My eyes were really opened up to how much strength women have when they use their voice! I have been inspired to use my voice while I have it, instead of cowering when I feel as though my opinion is not valued. I truly look up to those who planned and ran this event and to those who attended to show their support. I hope and recommend that this become an annual event as it is very empowering and eye opening to people who are used to standing in the background when due to feeling small and powerless. I am so happy to be a part of this club with such wonderful, brilliant, and empowering women!



This event was the moment where I took a step back and actually examined all that this club has really done to promote strong bonds between women. Before joining Her Campus, I had one or two friends who I knew would support me and I believe that it qualified as a strong group building me up. Now, I honestly don’t know how I survived. Everyone in this group stands behind one another and tries their hardest to build everyone up, creating a network that shows how strong we are individually as well as how strong we can be when we work together. It was wonderful to see this group of empowering women expanding this with an event that promoted women. I hope to continue to be involved in this event for years to come.



It’s been a few weeks since Women in Leadership and I still can’t believe we pulled it off. In the month leading up to the event, I was so beyond stressed and nervous over making sure everything was perfect. It was the biggest event Her Campus Oswego had a hand in -- in the end, around 50 people showed up, all to honor strong women on campus. Now that it’s over, I’m so incredibly proud of myself, my team, Student Association, and the Women’s Center. We worked so hard to make sure things went smoothly and, oddly enough, the stress ended up being worth it. With my months as president steadily dwindling down, Women in Leadership is definitely one of my favorite things I did as a student. I’m so happy to be in an organization filled with such strong, independent, and talented women, and I hope this event goes on to continue in the years to come.



The Women in Leadership Event was major for me as a part of Her Campus. It proved how much we could do, even if we're only a little club on this huge campus. It proved to me that we are powerful women and, together, we can do anything. It was a lot of work to schedule this event with SA and the Women's Center, but I'm so proud of everything we did. I was so happy with everyone on our team who helped and participated in this event. It was an amazing outcome, and it makes us all feel so accomplished. I was honored to be a part of this amazing empowering event. As the years continue down the road, I hope that I can carry this tradition on and continually improve this amazing, empowering event.Thank you to everyone who came and participated. I hope it was as meaningful to everyone else as it was to us.