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Having a bad hair day? Instead of putting your hair in the same old messy bun you wear every day, try rocking a fashionable beanie. It’s my favorite go-to accessory and the perfect way to style any outfit. If you’re going for a casual look (jeans and a T-shirt) or even something a bit fancier than that (a miniskirt/lace top), a beanie is the ideal match. Whether you wear it to keep warm on chilly days, to conceal your disheveled hair or to simply enhance your outfit, you’re sure to have all eyes on you—including that cute hipster boy next door.

Lindsey Moses is a junior majoring in English at SUNY Oswego. She is currently a member of Alpha Sigma Eta, Oswego’s chapter of the International English Honor Society, as well as an editor for the Great Lake Review literary magazine. She also works as a tutor in the Writing Center, where she helps fellow students focus, develop, and organize their writing. In her spare time, Lindsey enjoys reading, writing, traveling, listening to music, and attending concerts.
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