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Ranking Adult Beverages


I’ve been 21 for a couple months now and although I haven’t been able to order too many drinks at bars or restaurants, I do have a few favorite alcoholic beverages. I’m here today to offer you my top drink choices!

1.  Wine - I’m not fancy and I can’t offer a lot of information about these wines but so far, my favs are Moscato, Sauvignon Blanc, and a nice sweet Red Cat. I’m not experienced enough to care about brands too much, but Red Cat is the best red wine I’ve encountered thus far.

2. 1911 Rose - I mean how can you go wrong with Rose in a can?!

3. Barefoot Fruitscato - I’ve had the Strawberry, Blueberry, and Peach variations so far. They’re so fruity and delicious, and the blueberry one is basically sparkling grape juice. I love them as a cute treat, but they don’t pack much of a punch at all. Perfect for people who want something to drink casually without tasting alcohol at all!

4. Corona Refresca - These are perfect for a beach day (or any time you want to pretend you're on the beach!) They’re tropical cocktails in a can, and the flavors are truly iconic! 

5. Cucumber Lime Svedka - This is definitely my favorite flavored vodka thus far. It is so refreshing and even tastes good in a classic Vodka Water, if you’re into that. Believe it or not, my favorite complement to this liquor is pink cranberry juice!

6. Mixed Drinks - You can truly never go wrong with a Vodka Cran, but I’ve started to move on a bit. If you’re feeling cozy, I recommend mixing RumChata and Fireball - it tastes like a cinnamon roll. Similarly, Salted Caramel Smirnoff Vodka is a perfect partner for apple cider. Other than that, my favorite drink of all time is an Amaretto Sour (with a little extra lemon juice!)

7. Seltzers - I’ll be honest I’m not a huge fan of seltzers in general, but I keep coming into contact with them and I’ve taste tested quite a few! Surprisingly, my favorites are Coors, Vizzy, and Crook & Market (a local option!). Coors and Crook are both options that taste more like flavored water than anything, and I really appreciate that. I’ve also had the Bud Light seltzers in all of their variations and the original ones are a close 4th favorite seltzer. The Ugly Christmas Sweater ones are amazing and taste exactly like gingerbread, apple crisp, and peppermint pattie - it’s almost too weird to drink. The Bud Light Premium seltzers were not my favorite as I felt they were lacking some flavor. Finally, I prefer Truly over White Claw, just because I enjoy Truly’s flavors more. I think White Claw and Truly are the seltzers that had to walk so all these others could run. Claws and Trulys taste the most like TV static, in my humble opinion.

8. Beer - I am not a beer gal at all - but if I had to choose, I would go with a Corona or a Bud Light Orange. These are two options that are not just tolerable, but maybe even good.

Drink responsibly!

Kailey is a Senior who double-majors in English and Adolescent Education. She has been a writer from the time she could hold a pencil and an aspiring teacher since 1st grade. She currently substitute teaches at a preschool and hopes to teach ELA and Creative Writing to high schoolers in the future. Kailey is an fervent reader, runner, and yogi who is happiest when laughing with loved ones or eating something full of sugar!
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