Profile: Natalie Ellis Diver

1) So tell us about who Natalie Diver is.

Well, I’m actually Natalie Ellis now! I recently got married! I’m from the North East of England but I currently live in San Francisco. I’m a big fan of the California lifestyle. A big part of my life is health and fitness, as well as personal development, my friends and family and just living the best life I can.

I’m a serial entrepreneur with a real passion for entrepreneurship, especially female entrepreneurship. My mission is to inspire and support female entrepreneurs to find their purpose and turn it into a thriving career.


2) When you think back to who you were when you started college. What is one thing you wish you would have known about your future?

Great question! When I started college, I was so confused about what I wanted to do and didn’t really have the confidence in myself to believe I could go out and make a huge success of a business on my own. One thing I wish I’d known is that luck is when preparation meets opportunity, and if you do prepare, the opportunities will come. Never doubt that. If you’re a good person, work really hard and work for a cause bigger than yourself, the doors that open will astound you.

I am a big believer in grabbing opportunities with both arms and putting your all into them, as you really never know what it will lead to. Yet at the same time, I wish I’d had the confidence I do now to say no when something just didn’t align with me or my priorities at the time.


3) One of your big focuses is women, millennial women especially. How can bosses, leaders, educators or simply role models encourage women to step up in their careers today?

They can give them the confidence to go for it and let them know that they’re supported. Evidence has shown that women are less self-assured than men, and we all know that confidence matters just as much as competence. The good news is that confidence is something that can be learned and achieved, just like any other skill. To see the success stories of other women, especially when they’re relatable, can be so inspiring. It’s also great to have mentors that really believe in you and transfer their confidence in you, to you, when you really need it.


4) If you could relive any moment in your career, what would you relive?

I wouldn’t relive anything. I believe everything that has happened has led me to exactly where I am today and for that reason, today is the best day in my career!


5) What advice can you give college students, who are stepping into the world of networking/branding? What is one way they can put their best foot forward?

Never go into a networking situation with the intention of taking, taking, taking. Always ask, what can I give? This is so important in life and we should never approach anyone with the intention of gaining. I also think networking should be approached very casually as meeting people, making some great friendships and potentially finding some synergies. Instead of “Hi, what do you do?”, why not, “Hey, how was your day?”. In terms of branding, just being authentically you is so important. You don’t need to put yourself in a box when branding yourself - you can be so many different things and that’s okay. That’s what makes you, you.


6) If you could tell the graduating college student one thing, what would you tell them?

If something feels comfortable, you’re not growing and this isn’t a good place to be. Accept the opportunities that you already feel are going to challenge you and teach you a lot of new things.


7) When you look at your life five years from now, where do you see yourself? What will you be accomplishing?

I’ll be helping female entrepreneurs just like I am right now, except on an even bigger level. I’ll be happy, fulfilled and living every day intentionally. I’ll also have a beautiful family and be afforded the time to spend with them and enjoy it.