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Patrick Corkrum ’11

Patrick Corkrum has the whole, ehem,  package. Smart, funny, and world-traveled, this history major can answer all of your questions with a passion. Too bad he’s taken, right?
Age: 23

Hometown: Garrison, N.Y.

Major (s) and why: History with a minor in business management. I love history, with all of these interesting stories and things like that, but I also need a job, therefore business management is the way I’m going to get a job. Business management is the reasonable side.

Expected Graduation Year: December 2011

Relationship Status: Taken

Involvement on campus: Rugby.

What places have you traveled to? Mexico, the Caribbean, Canada, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, and the Mediterranean. I’ve also been to a lot of places in the U.S., like the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, California, Seattle, Washington, D.C., Disney World, Yellowstone Park, and most of the east coast.

What’s your favorite place out of all of those?  Greece. I like Greece and Italy. They’re f*cking awesome and I’ve had awesome experiences there.

What are your plans after graduation? I don’t know. Get a job, get a family.

What is your dream job: Working for the History Channel or in movies as the historical accuracy guy.

If you could travel to one time in history, what would it be?: Norway or Sweden during the high Vikings age because I’m Swedish and Vikings are bad*ss. Or seeing ancient Greece would be cool, too. Probably Rome, too.

Kaitlin Provost graduated from SUNY Oswego, majoring in journalism with a learning agreement in photography. She grew up in five different towns all over the Northeast, eventually settling and graduating from high school in Hudson, Massachusetts. Kait now lives in the blustery town of Oswego, New York, where she can frequently be found running around like a madwoman, avoiding snow drifts taller than her head (which, incidentally, is not very tall). She has worked for her campus newspaper, The Oswegonian, as the Assistant News Editor, and is also the President of the Oswego chapter of Ed2010, a national organization which helps students break into the magazine industry. She hopes to one day work for National Geographic and travel the world.
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