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One of my favorite memories of Her Campus this semester was our game nights! Since all of my classes were online this semester, I was really missing being able to see everyone and hang out, and this was a great way to get together and see each other, though virtually. We were all able to relax, share some laughs and friendly competition, and overall just have a nice break from school. I cannot wait for next semester when we can hopefully continue these but in person!


I think my greatest moment this semester for Her Campus was when I wrote my first article! I’ve never really written anything in this kind of setting before which made me extremely nervous. There are a lot of great writers in Her Campus and I really wanted to live up to them by making a good first article. I was hesitant at the beginning, not really sure how my article would pan out. However, once I finished I realized that I really enjoyed writing about something I love! It gave me all the encouragement I needed to pursue writing more articles in the future. Not to mention, there’s nothing more satisfying than getting that email that your article has been published for the first time. 


I loved our game nights this semester. Even when things were wild and stressful, it was nice to unwind with some virtual games and laughs! I also loved catching up with HCOZ alumni! It was great to see that we can all still chat and goof around as if we were all together yesterday - despite it being actual YEARS!


While I totally agree with my fellow HCOZ sisters about our amazing game nights, I have a more general favorite memory. My favorite memory from this semester was hosting the Subnivean Awards! One of the literary publications on campus, Subnivean, uses the CRW 313: Digital Storytelling class as its staff each semester, which is why I signed up for it. I was a Fiction Co-Editor who wanted to promote Her Campus in some way, and that’s when Professor Frazier said she’d like me to consider co-hosting the event. I agreed before I realized just how big it would be! Interviewing Lemony Snicket, Arisa White, and April Sinclair?! I was a little starstruck and nervous. I have hosted much smaller events, but nothing with such importance to so many important writers, or even famous ones on the level that the judges were. I was honestly super nervous even the night-of, despite having a script and gone over everything several times with Professor Frazier and my co-host. I knew I had to do it even though I didn’t think I could. I ended up having an incredible time and so much fun. The judges, finalists, other students, professors, and everyone in-between told me afterwards how well the event went thanks to my and Adelis’s hosting, and I could have been more happy I agreed to it in the end. 


With this being my fifth and last semester as CC of Her Campus, there are so many things that I am proud of and appreciate. Although I wish this semester could have gone a lot different and would’ve been a little more normal, there were so many good things to come from this semester. The articles our members wrote were so great this semester and I’m so proud of every single writer. We also had incredible game nights that were such a good time. Although the semester was weird, given the circumstances, I’m proud of everyone and hope everyone had a good time this year. To many more years, and a more normal fall semester.

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