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Ugh, to think this journey is almost over ;( I remember dreaming of the day I would graduate from college with a degree to qualify me to teach children like I had always dreamed of, and now, that time is finally here! HerCampus was the first club I joined when I started at Oswego, a club that met my interests of creatively writing, telling my own stories, and creating content in my own voice for people on the outside to read and relate to. Though my schedule constantly overlapped with meetings, I have always felt so loved and welcomed by every single member of this club, the girls always cheering each other on and pushing one another to be themselves. I remember my first meeting ever though, a terrified freshman going to try something new, and I could not have asked for a better outcome. 

Overall, Oswego has taught me so much about myself, opened me up to other diverse cultures and different types of people, no one alike, and allowed me to become a strong independent woman, as corny as that sounds. From mental breakdowns in Penfield Library to icy, windy walks to classes on campus to eating the famous chicken patties to watching sunsets by the lake to moving off campus to becoming an elementary school teacher has been a rollercoaster of highs and lows. However, one night on Bridge Street can change it all. I wish nothing but the best opportunities and experiences to future HerCampus members and scared college freshman, and I hope that you push yourself out of your comfort zone and join the club that speaks to you!

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