An Ode to Oswego

We had a start that was rockier than the shores of Lake Ontario. You didn’t feel like home in the beginning, and I was afraid you never would. But as each semester passed, a piece of you wormed its way into my heart.



I want to say thank you, for everything I’ve learned in your classrooms, and every single experience I’ve had on the grounds of your campus.


I’ve shed a lot of tears, and felt a lot of laughter over the past few years.


I have gone through more existential crises than I ever would have dreamed.


I survived.


Lessons have been learned; people have come and gone. Many people stayed, and I love them all so much for that.


You have given me more opportunities than I could have hoped for. You helped me see the world, and aided me in leaving the country for the first time.


You helped me grow, and mature, and have prepared me for the real world.


You’ve seen my heart break, and watched me fall in love.



I am so eternally grateful for all you have given me.


This goodbye is so incredibly bittersweet. I’m going to miss you so much.


I’ll remember every sunset, and cherish every single memory.