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Newest Coffee in Town

Craving some caffeine to keep you going during finals week? Stop by one of Oswego’s newest coffee shops, The Nook. 

The Nook is a cozy coffee shop loaded with tables, chairs and couches that gives off an extremely inviting atmosphere.  Whats most interesting is all the food is organic and the coffee is all fair trade. When asked about their reason the owners stated that if they have the means to sell delicious coffee without oppressing the coffee laborers they would. Fair trade are products that come from workers who are paid fair prices for their labor. Unlike free trade, fair trade workers aren’t treated like modern-day slaves.

Another thing that The Nook promotes is organic goods. The coffee is free of pesticides, which shockingly, most coffees are loaded with. They also try to buy as many fresh products as they can. Each day the menu is selected by the fresh food that they have. The Nook is also vegetarian and vegan friendly with various baked good and soups. They make it clear that your delicious lunches are made to order. Although that means you have to wait a few minutes to get your food, all the care that is put into your lunch makes it taste wonderful. 

I would recommend stopping by the Nook for some food or even just a coffee. My favorite are the Frapps, which they add their homemade ice cream to. The best part is that they welcome students to kick back and work on homework anytime. There have been days where I stayed on their big comfy couch for hours; and they have no problem giving you their WiFi password.

Take my advice and check out The Nook. Located at 156 West Second Street, the cozy atmosphere is more then inviting. And the food will not disappoint. 

Hey I'm Liz. Im a Creative Writing and English major with a minor in Biology.  Ive been on the Oswego Rugby team for 6 semesters and I absolutely love to write, read and play outside!
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