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I was aware that college would be a different experience from high school when I first arrived. The same expectations were made of a student who continuously earned straight As throughout high school, and was actively involved in many organizations when they entered college. However, this semester I realized that because I’ve allowed myself to get too preoccupied with academics, I seldom get to spend time with my friends or have spare time. Yes, I attend several meetings every day to discuss ways to improve my community. I am passionate about the work I perform on campus and wouldn’t exchange it for anything. But, there comes a time when you have to draw the line against perfectionism.

I took an oath to make more time for myself and my friends in the coming year. It is obvious that students attend college to earn a degree. My top duty has always been to put academics first. While prioritizing time for my friends and family is equally essential to me, prioritizing academics will always come first on my list of priorities; however, too many sacrifices have been made in order to lose out on significant relationships and unforgettable moments. As you watch your loved ones having fun and realize that you weren’t there to experience those moments, you start to feel guilty and that you missed out on a lot of memorable occasions.

I vow that the upcoming year will be better for me by maintaining my academic standing and pursuit of other interests, but also recognizing that college is about more than just attending classes and joining clubs. My happiness comes before everything else that is noteworthy in my life right now. I want to spend more time with friends and on the phone with my mother and siblings. I won’t simply be the Kae who was a member of every club and was always on The President’s List. I want to be known as the friend that is always punctual. How can I be relied upon by my friends if I am never available to them? I don’t want to merely be a friend who helps with homework or studies with you. My new year objective is to prioritize what is essential to me outside of school! Family and friends.

Hello, I'm Kaeillyn. I'm from the Bronx, my family and friends call me Kae,  I'm presently majoring in Broadcasting and Mass Communications with a double minor in Entrepreneurship and Gender Women Studies. I use writing as a platform to share my thoughts and experience. I joined Her Campus as a new opportunity to investigate my potential as a nonfiction book author. My interests include learning new things, R&B and Soul music, civic participation, and community outreach.