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Need a Distraction From Finals? Try Retail Therapy!

It’s about to be finals week and I’m really stressed out. I’m on the cusp of finishing final projects and presentations before going into a week full of tests. Home girl is pretty overwhelmed right now. However, the best thing I usually do to relieve myself is to buy new clothes.

Oswego just had a recent stint of nice sunny weather after months of being overcast. The whole campus came alive for two days and that feeling of dread went away. It was the best feeling and I got inspired.

So, out of a recommendation from a friend, I went on this online store called SheIn.  My friend saw ads for the women’s fashion website on Instagram and shared it with me. At first she described it as a store with trendy outfits at dirt cheap prices.

I was being cautiously optimistic because it sounded like a scam. The clothes look great on the models but that doesn’t mean it’ll be great in person. Pictures get photoshopped all the time. I can’t fully trust it.

I still gave it a shot though. I bought some dresses and shirts and hoped for the best. Worse case scenario, I return the clothes and take my business elsewhere. Best case scenario, I found a new website to spend all my money on.

The clothes came in Ziploc bags and were in good condition when I took them out. Very promising start.

I went on the safe side and ordered a size bigger than what I usually get. My body type is annoying because I’m 5’2 but have thick thighs and a smallish waist. My height means I’m petite but my lower half of my body can be considered plus size. In other words, my proportions are absolutely ridiculous. So finding a website that accommodates to me is a struggle and a half.

These clothes were the ones that fit me. To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised. I expected nothing to fit. The other ones were either too long or too small for me to put on.

In the end, I’ve decided to keep the dresses and the shirt. The other clothes I’ve bought will be sent back. I’m happy that I did get something new and took a leap of faith. It’s weird to consider online shopping as a risky situation but it really is. This was a fun detour to distract myself from all the work I have to do.

If you want to check out the website yourself, here’s the link! Good luck and happy shopping!

Theresa is the social media manager and section writer for Her Campus Oswego as well as a Chapter Advisor for HCHQ. Theresa is a senior double Public Relations and Global & International Studies major with a Political Science minor. She has a deep love for the environment and a big aspiration to travel the world and learn from as many cultures as I can. In her free time, Theresa looks up popular memes and updates herself on everything involving Donald Glover.
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