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As a young girl, I was very obsessed with having long hair and caught myself often comparing my short, kinky hair to the girls who had long and shiny hair. This obsession made me very insecure. Over time though, I learned to take care and style my hair. My family kept my hair in braids as a kid and it grew my hair so much. To this day I struggle from time to time with styling my hair. So I usually keep it in protective styles because that is what I am used to and it allows my hair to grow. 

In 2022, my hair reached my shoulders/top of my back, which was a huge accomplishment for me because I had never had so much hair. At first, I was excited about my hair, but I soon realized it was unhealthy and had been damaged by all the heat I put on it. I loved my hair straight, so I chose to straighten it a lot because it required less work. However, I soon discovered that using too much heat on my hair caused damage and I wanted to embrace my curls because I never really wore my hair natural and I wanted it to be healthy too. In my mind, I wanted to do anything to have curls even if it meant cutting off all the hair I had grown out my entire life. 

When I first cut my hair, it was not easy. I felt like half of my life disappeared because my hair was with me through all the challenges and accomplishments I had faced throughout the years. I regretted it for some time and wished I didn’t cut it. I was sad that I couldn’t do the styles I loved doing with my no longer hair. I had tried to do other styles that worked for short hair and it was a challenge learning to like it, but it eventually became easier and now I love it. Over time I learned to love my short hair, embrace it, and also look at the long-term benefits. Also having people around me who care and support me has helped me on my journey.

Through this process, I gained confidence, realizing that my beauty goes beyond the length of my hair. Embracing my natural hair became a source of empowerment and I encourage others to embrace change fearlessly. My hair may be short, but it’s healthier than ever, and I’ve fallen in love with its natural state. If you’re thinking of making a huge change, but are afraid of the results or possibly regret your decision at the time like me, I suggest you thoroughly do your research. Also if it’s too late learn, that it’s okay because you will benefit from embracing it and have a different outlook on life.

Hey, My name is Shakira (she/her). I'm from the Bronx, I'm 19 years old in my sophomore year of college, my major is Human Development with a minor in Expressive Arts Therapy. I want to be a counselor for kids in the future. I love writing and i use it as a form of therapy. On my free time I like to listen to music and shop online. My favorite genres are R&B, Pop, Hip-pop and more.