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I love animated movies. Pixar and Disney movies as well as Japanese animation movies are some of my favorite things to watch. But, Pixar is in its own league. When it started releasing Pixar Shorts,experimental short animated movies, I knew I would have to spend a day binge watching them all. Here are my favorite Pixar Shorts:


This is one of my favorite shorts because it shows the relationship between a parent and a child that is “different” from other kids. This movie can be a metaphor for a multitude of things though I know it is meant to showcase autism and how a parent might choose to deal with their child being different. But I feel like we can use that metaphor for a lot of other things like being part of the LGBT+ community, having a disability, etc. 


This is a short that deals with a baby sandpiper bird venturing out near the shorelines to find food before the waves roll in. This short shows how exploration and observation are the best ways of learning. The baby sandpiper befriends a baby hermit crab who helps it hunt for food. The hermit crab helps the baby sandpiper see the world differently, which ultimately results in the sandpiper being excited about finding food. Mama bird is also very encouraging and has her baby bird trying out new things. 


I know what you’re thinking, Bao is the most basic Pixar short ever but it’s another story that conveys how complicated a parent-child relationship can be. It’s a unique and fun way of representing a child and their growth into adulthood while the parent feels like they’re missing out on spending time with their child.


Lava is the musical Pixar short that you have been waiting for. The story of Lava is based off of Hawaii’n singer and activist Israel Kamakawiwo’ole and his wife’s love story.  The whole short is based on the song ‘Lava’ and it is an important piece because it highlights the parts of the United States that aren’t usually represented in mainstream media unless it’s for tourism purposes. You’re going to fall in lava with this short for sure. 

Nirdishtha Raj Sapkota is a Journalism and Graphic Design double major with a minor in Creative Writing. She loves indie and lofi music. You'll probably find her eating spicy and sour food or running around yelling for no particular reason. 
Kailey is a Senior who double-majors in English and Adolescent Education. She has been a writer from the time she could hold a pencil and an aspiring teacher since 1st grade. She currently substitute teaches at a preschool and hopes to teach ELA and Creative Writing to high schoolers in the future. Kailey is an fervent reader, runner, and yogi who is happiest when laughing with loved ones or eating something full of sugar!