Music When You Need a Confidence Boost

Everyone has those days when they are just not feeling the best and are lacking confidence. There are plenty of ways to boost your confidence, but one of my favorite ways to get a good confidence boost is to listen to some music. Music can change your mood for the better if you listen to the right music. Here's a list of my favorite artists and some of their best songs for when you just need that extra confidence boost.


First things first, I have to talk about the queen of self confidence, Lizzo. She is one of my favorites. Lizzo herself promotes a lot about body positivity and self confidence, and you can really see this in most of her songs. 

  • Good As Hell

  • Truth Hurts

  • Tempo 

  • Water Me


Another great artist for a good self confidence boost is Beyoncé. Listening to Beyoncé will just put you in a great mood and make you want to get up and dance. 

  • Don't Hurt Yourself

  • Schooln’ Life

  • Run the World (Girls)

  • Me Myself and I


Rihanna is another great artist to give you that extra confidence boost to start your day.

  • Needed Me

  • Sex with Me

  • Desperado 

  • Consideration


Doja Cat is a recent artist going up the ranks in the music world, and she has plenty of great songs for that confidence boost you need. 

  • Boss Bitch

  • Rules

  • Juicy

  • Go to Town


The last artist I want to talk about is Miley Cyrus. She started on Disney Channel, but she has really made her own name for herself. She has some great songs for when you are looking for that confidence boost. 

  • Can't Be Tamed

  • Midnight Sky

  • Mothers Daughter